Sluggo Celebrates Halloween

By Ed "Danger" Silling | November 2, 2012 11:02 AM ET

While most bears on Oct 31st are tucked away in cold dark caves hibernating, Sluggo was out and about partaking in Halloween festivities.

From 5 to 7pm the Creswell Community Center opened its doors to host the annual Creswell Greet and Treat. This gathering gives local businesses the opportunity to set up booths to distribute information as well as candy.

The ever adventurous Sluggo, could be seen participating in the cake walk, eating popcorn, and stealing candy from the 100+ children who made an appearance.

After the Greet and Treat, Sluggo met with the Inaugural winners of the "Trick or Treat with Sluggo" contest, Braydon and Denver. This once in a lifetime opportunity really put a smile on the big green bear's face as he finally got the chance to meet two inspirational figures from his childhood , The Incredible Hulk and Darth Vader.

sluggo trick or treat in eugene

Danny Cowley, who is a member of the Emeralds front office staff, was charged with babysitting Sluggo at both of these events.

"It's always fun getting out into the community and seeing local events have such a great turnout. It's also nice getting Sluggo out of the office, that bear has more energy than he knows what to do with", Cowley said.

trick or treat

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