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Ballpark Information

What to do at the ballpark

Once you enter the Field of Dreams Movie Site and Field, there will be several photo opportunities around the site. Fans can have a catch on the original Movie Site, play cornhole in the outfield, and explore additional activations on-site.

Security and Ballpark Regulations

In order to expedite your entry into the MiLB at Field of Dreams Game, please be aware that the following measures will be implemented. Major League Baseball reserves the right at any time to adjust entry policies at their sole discretion without any prior notice. Further, items will not be permitted to remain unattended in MiLB at Field of Dreams transportation vehicles and there will be no storage available for prohibited items at any facility.

Am I allowed to bring a glove to the MiLB at Field of Dreams game?

Gloves are allowed into the MiLB at Field of Dreams site.

What is the MiLB at Field of Dreams bag policy?

All bags are prohibited at MiLB at Field of Dreams, except for Medical and Diaper bags (must be no larger than 16" x 16" x 8"). All bags are subject to search.

What items are prohibited at the MiLB at Field of Dreams game?

● Aerosol cans (i.e., hairspray, mace, pepper spray, etc.)

● Animals (except certified service animals or service animals in training)

● Banners or signs larger than 16”x16” or containing commercial, political, offensive, or obscene messages

● Baseball bats

● Beach balls or other inflatables

● Drugs or other illegal substances/ paraphernalia (including medical marijuana)

● Firearms or other weapons (i.e., knives, brass knuckles, etc.)

● Fireworks

● Glass bottles

● Hard sided coolers

● Laptops (exceptions for official working personnel)

● Laser devices or pointers

● Noisemaking devices (i.e., air horns, cowbells, etc.)

● Selfie sticks

● Skateboards and rollerblades

● Smokeless/chewing tobacco

● Obscene, indecent or offensive clothing

● Outside beverages (except clear, factory sealed water 20 oz. or smaller, soft-sided single juice or milk containers (one per person) or ADA required liquids in a sealed container)

● Professional commercial-grade camera equipment

● Toy guns or knives (including water guns)

● Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)

Are there Health & Safety policies for the MiLB at Field of Dreams game?



Holder acknowledges and understands that, if infected with COVID-19 or other Communicable Disease (as defined at the conclusion of this paragraph), Holder and/or any Accompanying Parties may infect others that they may subsequently come in contact with, even if they are not experiencing or displaying any symptoms of illness, and that the risk of exposure to others remains at all times. Accordingly, Holder agrees that neither Holder nor any Accompanying Party will attend the Event if within ten (10) days preceding the Event, they have:

  • (a) tested positive or presumptively positive for COVID-19 or other Communicable Disease or been identified as a potential carrier of COVID-19 or other Communicable Disease; OR
  • (b) experienced any symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19 or other Communicable Disease; OR
  • (c) been in direct contact with or the immediate vicinity of any person who is confirmed or suspected of being infected with COVID-19 or other Communicable Disease.

A "Communicable Disease" as used herein is COVID-19, any strains, variants, or mutations thereof, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, and/or any other airborne, aerosolized or surface transmissible communicable and/or infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria or illnesses or the causes thereof.

MiLB at Field of Dreams Ticket Terms and Conditions.

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MiLB at Field of Dreams
Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022
Quad Cities River Bandits vs.
Cedar Rapids Kernels
Dyersville, Iowa

Inside MiLB at Field of Dreams