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Florida State League playoff format

The format provides that four (4) teams will participate in the Florida State League playoffs. Winners of both halves within the Division play each other in a best-of-three series for the Division Championship. The first half winners will be given the choice of hosting game 1 or games 2 & 3 and must notify the League office by August 1, of their decision.

In the event of a repeat Division winner, the team with the next best overall record in the Division will qualify for the playoffs as a Wild Card team.

The Division Champions will move on to the League Championship Series. This will be a best-of-five series with a 2-3 setup. The home field advantage alternates yearly between divisions. In 2014, the home field advantage will go to the North Division Champion, 2015 to the South Division Champion and 2016 to the North Division Champion.

A tie at the end of each half will be settled by the following tie-breakers in the following order:

  • Winning percentage
  • Record in head to head competition
  • Record within the division
  • Total runs scored
  • Total runs scored in head to head competition
  • Total runs scored within the division
  • a) FIRST HALF: First game between teams in 2nd half
  • b) SECOND HALF: A one game playoff the day after the regular season ends. Home team determined by coin flip.


**** All tie-breakers for Division winners are based ONLY on that particular half.

**** All tie-breakers for Wild Card are based on overall season.

**** In the event of a tie involving more than (2) teams, the tie-breakers will be the same as above with #2 & #5 changed from "head to head competition" to "in competition among the tied teams."