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Weather Information

If it is raining before the game...

First, it should be kept in mind that there may be times when there is rain in the Great Falls area, but it may not be raining at Centene Stadium.

If it is raining at Centene Stadium before the start of a game, the Voyagers' grounds crew is hard at work protecting the field against the elements and a tarp will be covering parts of the field. Because of this, it is rare that a game will be postponed prior to the scheduled game time. If the rain stops before the game's scheduled start time the game will continue as scheduled. If the rain continues into the scheduled game time, Voyagers management will invoke a rain delay. The Voyagers make every effort to play each game.

If it begins to rain during the game...

If it begins to rain during the game, the Voyagers' grounds crew will quickly cover parts of the field with a tarp, as called for by the umpires. At that time, game officials will work with local weather outlets to ascertain the immediate weather forecast. If game officials feel that the inclement weather will pass, a rain delay is put into effect. If game officials feel that the inclement weather will not pass in a reasonable amount of time, an official rainout is announced.

Rainout Ticket Policy

In the event 5 innings of a game are not completed, except when the home team is in the lead at the end of 4-1/2 innings, your ticket will be good for any 2020 regular season game and may be exchanged at the Centene Stadium box office for a General Admission ticket. Rainout ticket exchanges will not be permitted for Pioneer League playoff games.

Note: If a game is called due to inclement weather or other circumstances after five innings have been played, a game is considered "official." In this case, there will be no ticket exchanges.

Rain Delay

A game that is under a rain delay is in an official delay but will resume play later that day. Tickets cannot be exchanged in the event of a rain delay.


A game that is rained out or postponed will not be played that day due to inclement weather. In the event of a rainout or postponement, your ticket will be good for a General Admission ticket to a regular season game (during the same playing season). Some additional restrictions may apply, including league playoff games. Rainout tickets may be exchanged at the Centene Stadium box office. Exchanges must be made in person and cannot be processed via telephone, e-mail or facsimile.