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The Official Site of the Great Falls Voyagers Great Falls Voyagers

One question that seems to get asked frequently is, "Why is the team named the 'Voyagers'?" Of course, Lewis and Clark voyaged through Great Falls, but the team's logo is an alien with an orbiting baseball, so there's clearly an outer space theme.

The origin actually has both practical and out of this world roots.

On one hand, the team had changed names from the Great Falls Dodgers, to the Giants, back to the Dodgers, and finally to the White Sox. After all those transitions, the decision was made to choose a unique name so that if the team's affiliation changed again, we wouldn't have to buy all new T-shirts!

The name "Voyagers" came to be because of a UFO sighting at this very ballpark in August of 1950. Nick Mariana, the General Manager at the time, was touring the stadium while the team was on the road when he suddenly saw two bright lights in the sky. Mariana grabbed his movie camera and began filming as the objects moved across the sky.

An official Air Force investigation concluded that the two objects were not "birds, balloons, or meteors." We'll never know for sure what they were, but one possibility is that they were extraterrestrial Voyagers...