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Voyagers Reading Program

9 Innings of Reading

Lewis and Clark, Whittier, Valley View, Roosevelt, Sunnyside, Belt, West, and Power

For nearly 2,500 students at 8 different elementary schools in Great Falls and in surrounding towns, participate in our 9 innings of reading program. Every week means a new inning, and every Monday brought another at-bat. The more pages or more times that each student reads guaranteed a stronger hit and a special prize from the Voyagers.

Last year we had a great success and students read a ton! last year alone we gave away:

1362 Pencils


1525 Key Chains 

944 Magnets

1777 Color Changing Cups

2000 Flyers

2556 Ticket Vouchers

To make it even better, everyone who has a hit in every inning receives the best prize of all: a special party with everyone's favorite alien…ORBIT!

We are just now gearing up for our 2020 reading program and cant wait to see how much students read again this year! 

Congratulations and a BIG thank you to all the students who are participating this year!