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Though very rare, it does, unfortunately rain every once in a while. Below, find information that you need just in case your game is impacted by weather.

Where can I find out if the game is delayed or postponed?

The Suns will post all updates on Twitter, Facebook, and

Important - If we haven't said the game is postponed, then the game is still on and we are doing everything we can to try to play the game.

If the game is postponed, what happens to my tickets?

In the event of any rainout, your tickets can be exchanged for any remaining current-season home game, subject to availability, for a ticket of equal or lesser value. As stated on the tickets, no refunds will be given.

How do I exchange my tickets?

All exchanges must be done in person at the Suns Box Office.

What if I have tickets as part of a group?

If you have tickets through a group, the Suns, in the event of a rain-out, will be in touch with your group leader to discuss alternative options and re-scheduling.

If there is a double-header, are my tickets good for the make-up game?

If your game is rained out and made up in a double-header, you will still have to bring your tickets to the Box Office to exchange them for a ticket to that day's game(s). You are more than welcome to attend both ends of the double-header should you choose. However, all tickets for regular double-headers are good for both games of the double-header (unless designated as a split double-header).

What if I have Ticket Assurance?

The Suns debuted Ticket Assurance in 2020. Ticket Assurance gives fans the opportunity to exchange their tickets before or after the game, for any reason and is available for just $3 on a single-game ticket. If you have Ticket Assurance and your game is impacted by rain, provided the ticket is not used, you'll be able to exchange it for any remaining game.