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Hunter Dozier Conversation

Royals 1st Round Pick Heading to IF
June 14, 2013

Hunter Dozier: It's been fun it has been very hectic but I've been off learning a lot in Arizona and its been really fun and I'm just looking forward to heading up to Idaho Falls.


Chris Lewis: What have been some of the things you've been doing in Arizona?

HD: How the organization does it and their philosophy and rules of different things. Its been good we've learned a lot. 


CL: You said philosophy and rules what are some examples of what you've learned?

HD: Just like the rules and how the organization plays the games, just about how we go to the field. Like we have to dress nicely, and shaved face and also on the field the different rules we have to go by.


CL: You're a Texas guy and now you're moving out to Idaho Falls, certainly it's different what are some of things you've heard so far about Idaho Falls?

HD: Well first thing the weather is great. I've been in Texas and Arizona where it has been really hot so I'm looking forward to the nice weather. 


CL: I'm sure you've heard enough about the potatoes here in Idaho so I have to ask, How do you like your potatoes?

HD: I like them mashed

CL: Can you appreciate some french fries?

HD: Honestly I'm not a big french fry guy, just have never been

CL: In Texas they are known for beef and what goes well with beef is some french fries

HD: I know i'm just a little different (laughs)


CL: You're a shortstop but you're also a big guy, played football in high school, so how did shortstop become your natural position?

HD: I've always played there growing up and coaches just had faith in me and kept me at short and I've really just always been playing it since I was little. 


CL: Were you always a big guy, like through middle school and high school or did you have a late growth spurt?

HD: I had a late growth spurt, I was always taller for my age but I didn't start getting thicker or putting on some weight until college. 


CL: You mentioned Michael Young as one of your role models and one of your favorite players to watch, why is that?

HD: He is just a great person on and off the field, he is a great leader on the field, he puts up great numbers and he is just a team leader and you never hear anything about him off the field he is just a good guy, and mainly he is just a good leader. 

CL: Were you a Rangers fan, I know he spent a lot of time with the Rangers

HD: Yes I grew up being a big Rangers fan


CL: So here in Idaho falls what do you hope to learn with your time here with the Chukars

HD: Just getting the first year of pro ball under my belt and just fitting into the program and seeing how everything works, and getting AB's and working on small little things and just getting better


CL: Whats the timeline you guys fly up here tomorrow what time do you plan on arriving here?

HD: I think were flying into Utah Sunday and then driving up


CL: So you've done the whole media tour, you've been up to KC and you were able to check out the ballpark what have been some of the cool experiences and stories that you had from your tour of KC?

HD: It was a great opportunity just walking around the locker room and meeting some of the guys and some of the coaches, and watching them take BP and sitting next to George Brett while they were taking BP was probably the most memorable thing of that whole trip, it was pretty cool talking to him and the guys when they were hitting


CL: Did you get any hitting instructions from them?

HD: I got a couple but he was mainly just talking about how baseball is a fun game and you gotta go out there and have fun and its a job second you just go out there and love the game and have fun and worry about the other stuff later. 


CL: So you've done the whole KC media tour as well and certainly a lot of other people and not just the media have asked you questions so what has been the strangest question you've been asked so far since the draft?

HD: I don't know about the strangest I'll have to think about that

CL: There isn't anything that sticks out as an offbeat question you've been asked? 

HD: No they have actually been really good, they've all been pretty easy for me to answer and nothing out of the ordinary.


CL: Have you had your first purchase as a professional yet?

HD: No I haven't 

CL: Are you looking at anything special?

HD: I'm just trying to get through the first summer first and then maybe if I find out if I need something maybe I'll buy it I don't know (laughs)

CL: Wise with your early found wealth thats probably a good thing.

HD: (laughs)


CL: So with the chukars twitter page when we sent out a tweet that you were coming out here to IF that got retweeted a record number of times of all the tweets that we've had, so what does that mean to you? 

HD: Well it's an honor, I guess the fans are excited for me to come up there and play and I'm looking forward to it, it's an honor


CL: I'm sure with your name, the "bulldozer" nickname, are there any other good nicknames for you?

HD: Mainly a lot of people just call me "Hunt" or "Doze" pretty simple but thats what people call me


CL: Simple but effective, so we will see what you get out here if another nickname catches on

HD: Yessir