Intimidators' Tim E. Gator and that "other" Gator Highlight "Tim E. Gator" Ticket Package

Columbia Fireflies visit Kannapolis for four games July 22-25

By Media Relations Department / Kannapolis Intimidators | May 10, 2017 8:26 AM ET

The South Atlantic League has always been dominated by a Gator named Tim and the 2017 season is proving it on the field and in the stands. Tim E. Gator has long been the King Gator in the SALLY League, in fact he was Tim E. Gator long before the current incarnation that has taken Columbia by storm. The King Gators will collide at Intimidators Stadium supported by Carolinas HealthCare System for a four-game home stand beginning July 22.

**Tickets for July 22-25 available online**

Often persecuted and misunderstood himself, Tim E. Gator has been a role model for fans of all ages, much like his counterpart in Columbia. To mark the occasion, the Intimidators are offering the special Tim E. Gator Ticket Package for fans of Gators of all kinds to enjoy the action.

Tim E. Gator will lead the feeding frenzy with high-fives, gator chomps, and maybe even a little Tebowing, while fans get an opportunity to see the stars of the next generation compete on the field, with the grit and determination that both Tim Gator's have shown throughout their careers.

Tim E. Gator is always at the ballpark, and now fans have a chance to see double as the league's newest high-profile gator comes to Kannapolis. Game tickets are $25 for each of these dates and as a gator-loving bonus include tickets to two other games - July 8 and August 12 - during the 2017 season. Make sure to order your tickets soon, because once tickets are sold out, we'll have to give you the Heisman.

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