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Midway Classic participants announced

Demeritte, Petty, Shaw, Lugo, Ward, Chang & Bradley confirmed
June 15, 2016

LAKE ELSINORE - Seven of the eight hitters for the Midway Classic Home Run Contest on the deck of the USS Midway in San Diego were announced today. The contest will pit eight sluggers - four from the California League and four from the Carolina League - against one another to determine the inaugural Midway Classic Home Run Champion.


California League

Travis Demeritte (HD) - 15 HR

Chris Shaw (SJ) - 13 HR

Dawel Lugo (VIS) - 9 HR

Kyle Petty (BAK) - 8 HR


Carolina League

Bobby Bradley (LYN) - 15 HR

Drew Ward (POT) - 10 HR

Yu-Cheng Chang (LYN) - 7 HR



Limited tickets remain for the Midway Classic on Monday, June 20 and are available HERE. The event will begin at 5pm.