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Legends invite schools to 'Hit the Books'

October 8, 2014

  (WHITAKER BANK BALLPARK, Lexington, Ky.) It's time for elementary schools to "Hit the Books" with the Lexington Legends.

            Teachers, librarians, media specialists and other educators are encouraged to register with the Legends to get their elementary schools involved in the Hit the Books reading program for the 2014-15 school year.

            In Hit the Books, a baseball diamond is used to record credit for a student's reading. For every book a student reads, a teacher places his or her initials on a base. Kindergarten students may participate by having their teachers read four books to them.

  When the student has all three bases and home plate initialed by the teacher, the student may bring a Hit the Books bookmark to the Legends' box office at Whitaker Bank Ballpark to exchange it for two tickets to a Legends home game designated for their school.

  The school with the highest bookmark redemption (based on percentage of enrollment, minimum 50 students) will receive a school-wide reward from the "Hit the Books" sponsor.

  To begin the process, educators must register with the Legends by November 14 to ensure their school's participation. Registration information is available at

  "Hit the Books is one of the Legends' favorite community programs," said Sarah Bosso, the Legends' director of community relations and special events. "Encouraging the students of central Kentucky to read and show off their artistic creativity through the bookmark design contest is very rewarding. Big L loves visiting all the participating schools, and we hope there will be more for this year's program than ever before." 

  In addition, the annual bookmark design contest is under way and will run through December 12. The winning student will have his or her artwork featured on the official 2015 Hit the Books bookmark and poster that are distributed to every student participating in the reading program, which runs through March 31, 2015. About 23,000 students participated during the 2013-14 school year.

Schedule a visit by Big L    

  The Lexington Legends and Big L would like to visit any participating school and serve as a guest reader for any class or scheduled Media Center time to encourage students to complete the Hit the Books program and redeem their bookmarks for Legends game tickets. For more information, contact Sarah Bosso at (859) 422-7855.

  The 2015 season will be the 15th for Legends baseball and also marks the 15th year that the Legends have been associated with Hit the Books. About 195,000 students have participated.