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Class A Short Season Affiliate
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New for the 2019 season is the Johnny K's Hit For The Cycle Promotion. If a Scrappers player hits for the cycle, one lucky fan will have a chance to win a Can-Am Maverick Trail DPS, Indian Motorcycle FTR1200S, or a Sea•Doo Wake Pro 230. See below for the rules and regulations. Once you've read through the rules and regulations, click the button below to register for your chance to win!


  1. Designated game dates: 6/16/19, 6/17/19, 6/21/19, 6/22/19, 6/23/19, 6/28/19, 6/29/19, 6/30/19, 7/4/19, 7/5/19, 7/6/19, 7/7/19, 7/8/19, 7/9/19, 7/13/19, 7/14/19, 7/15/19, 7/23/19, 7/24/19, 7/25/19, 7/30/19, 7/31/19, 8/1/19, 8/5/19, 8/6/19, 8/7/19, 8/8/19, 8/9/19, 8/10/19, 8/17/19, 8/18/19, 8/19/19, 8/28/19, 8/29/19, 8/30/19, 8/31/19, 9/1/19, and 9/2/19
  2. How it works: In order for the finalist to win the grand prize, an eligible player from the home team must hit for the cycle, meaning they must hit a single, double, triple, and home run. The cycle must take place during the game.

    SINGLE - A single occurs when a batter safely reaching first by hitting a fair ball (thus becoming a runner) and getting to first base before the fielder puts him out.

    DOUBLE - A double occurs when a batter strikes the pitched ball and safely reaches second base without being called out by the umpire, without the benefit of a fielder's misplay or another runner being put out on a fielder's choice.

    TRIPLE - A triple occurs when a batter safely reaching third base after hitting the ball, with neither the benefit of a fielder's misplay nor another runner being put out on a fielder's choice.

    HOME RUN - A home run is scored when the ball is hit in such a way that the batter is able to circle the bases and reach home safely in one play without any errors being committed by the defensive team in the process.
  3. Employees, their immediate family members and members of the same household of the client, sponsor, Advantage Hole In One or any advertising or promotional agencies involved in the contest are not eligible to participate.
  4. There shall be a maximum of one finalist selected per game date.
    a. Finalists will be selected on each game date at 2:00pm EST at random.
  5. Participants must be at least 18 years old or older in order to register for the Hit for the Cycle promotion. 
  6. Finalist need not be present for the game date they may be selected. 


If a Scrappers player Hits for the Cycle, the finalist that was selected at random will be contacted the night of the game. The winning finalist must have provided his/her name, address and phone number. The winning finalist must be the individual who participated in the contest. No family member, friend or any other person will be allowed to accept the prize on behalf of a winning contestant. The winning finalist must fill out a W-9 in order to claim the grand prize.

You Could Win One of the Following:

Can-Am Maverick Trail DPS

Indian Motorcycle FTR1200S

Sea•Doo Wake Pro 230