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Flood surrounds Modern Woodmen Park

Quad Cities' stadium 'an island,' but still expected to be open Friday
July 3, 2014

Flooding in the Mississippi River has threatened to swallow the Quad Cities River Bandits' ballpark in Davenport, Iowa, but the team remains confident it will be able to host games this holiday weekend at the stadium.

The River Bandits were forced to close their front office at Modern Woodmen Ballpark on Wednesday due to what the team called "high flood waters."

Photos have surfaced of flood waters surrounding the stadium, the home of the Astros' Class A Midwest League affiliate, which sits on a picturesque spot along the river and besides the Centennial Bridge. The venue has undergone numerous renovations in recent seasons, including construction to protect the ballpark and field from high flood waters with portable flood panels and an outfield berm. The park opened in 1931 as Davenport Municipal Stadium.

"It's a little different for a lot of us in the front office, but people here seem to be taking everything in stride. We're surrounded by water, but it's business as usual,'' River Bandits general manager Andrew Chesser told the Quad Cities Times. "The crews from the City of Davenport have done a great job of setting up a dry and safe way for fans to get here and enjoy games this weekend.''

The River Bandits, on the road in Beloit, return home Friday for a weekend series. The team said it plans to host games, with additional free parking for fans further away from the river. In a message to fans, the club descibed the scene: "Modern Woodmen Park looks a bit like an island oasis right now."

Fans will be able to access the park via an elevated sidewalk and a metal bridge.