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Minor League fans have questions; we've got some answers

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By Staff | August 5, 2010 6:00 AM

Minor League Baseball fans have a lot of questions about the game and its players. We at attempt to answer some of those curiosities. No promises, though.

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Hi, what is Matt Bush's status with Class A Advanced Charlotte? Is it a season-ending injury? Career threatening? Thanks. -- "Mr. Pico"

Matt Bush is currently active and playing on a rehab assignment with the Gulf Coast Rays. He played his first rehab game on July 29, starting and recording two outs against the Twins. Bush was selected first overall by the Padres in the 2004 Draft.

I would like to know who holds the all time MiLB single-season home run record? -- "Petesgren"

Joe Bauman hit 72 home runs in 1954 for Class C Roswell of the defunct Longhorn League.

What does OBP stand for on the stats, and where does it come from? Another question that I have is when a player has 000 on the board for batting average, when and where does the average start? Thanks. -- Mark B.

OBP is the abbreviation for on-base percentage, which calculates how often a batter reaches base (by hit, walk or hit-by-pitch). If a batter's average is .000, it means he has not recorded any hits so far. Once he gets a hit, his average will increase accordingly.

Is there a complete listing of games available on MiLB.TV? My son was recently promoted from Rancho Cucamonga to the Arkansas Travelers. I can't seem to find any listings for either league. We would like to buy a subscription, but it seems unlikely that he will be promoted to Triple-A this year. Thanks in advance. --John G.

Is there a reason why not all the Triple-A games are not on MiLB.TV? -- Jeremy S.

Not all teams participate in MiLB.TV. Click on "View Calendar" on the MiLB.TV page and select any date(s) you'd like to see scheduled broadcasts. It's $6.95 a month, and you can watch archived games on-demand as well. Good luck to your son, John!

I'm a big fan of Minor League Baseball. To me, It's the "real baseball." They work hard for a chance to make it to the Majors, and they are loyal to their fans. You feel like you are part of the team. My question is, can you send items to the Minor League stadiums and have the ballplayers sign the item? When I visit the ballpark and I ask someone in the office this question, no one seems to have an answer. I like to get players autographs before they make the "Big League." -- Gary S.

Not sure there is a yes or no answer to that question -- if a team's front office receives a request like that, it's their decision whether to deliver the item to the player(s). Most team staff members love to make connections with fans, though, so you might want address it to one person specifically and see if they'll help you out, ask them to pass it on to the clubhouse manager. Good luck!

If I sign up for the MiLB.TV starting today, how long will a one-month subscription last? -- Bill M.

I want to order one month only of MiLB.TV. How do I cancel the subscription if I don't want it to go through October? Also, is one month 30 days or is it just until the end of July? --"Deblyn"

For all MiLB.TV subscription questions, please send an e-mail to or call 1-866-644-2687.

While there have already been a number of no-hitters thrown in the Minors system this season, Reynosa's Azael Alvarez tossed the only no-no during the regular season in the Mexican League. Saltillo's Hector Daniel Rodriguez made it two [on July 25] by blanking Mexico City Red Devils, 7-0, in a game the defending champions had to win to hold off elimination in the first round of the LMB playoffs. I wonder why's not mentioning anything about this great achievement at its central site. Best regards! -- Alejandro A.

You're right, there have been a lot of no-hitters this year, both in the Minors and the Majors. We don't really have the manpower or resources, especially with the language barrier, to provide daily editorial coverage of the Mexican League. We do, though, have a Mexican League site dedicated to those teams, stats for all players and live Gameday box scores for all LMB games. We've tried to aim the chunk of's editorial coverage to what the largest amount of baseball fans might be interested in: top Major League prospects, Draft picks, unique club promotions and interesting news. Also, Mexican Leaguers are not affiliated with Major League organizations.

I would like to purchase Oaxaca Guerreros merchandise, and I cannot find any shopping links on the site. -- Pat M.

The team sells apparel from their website.

I have bookmarked about 10 players on the MiLB site but I have no idea how to access all my bookmarked players on one page. --Jason C.

There's a "Player Bookmarks" link on the bottom right corner of the homepage.

Sorry to anyone who got a weird message from me with a link attached. Someone must have hacked my e-mail and sent messages to many of you in my address book! --Megan E.

It's OK -- we still like you.

I am curious what it means when I see the "Short Season" notation next to the team name. Also, how can I find out what the abbreviations mean at the tops of columns on the "stats" page? I know some, but I am baffled by others. I appreciate your help. -- Andy L.

"Short-Season" teams are part of leagues that begin play in mid-June following the First-Year Player Draft, like the New York-Penn, Appalachian, Pioneer and Northwest Leagues, to name a few. These leagues are geared toward younger players and recent Draft picks making their debuts. Let us know which stat categories you're unfamiliar with.

My grandson is playing on the Kingsport Mets, and I very much want to listen to the game. I need to know how to follow his progress. Please give me some direction. --Pat D.

The K-Mets currently do not offer home radio broadcasts, but you can follow along when they're on the road -- check out free Gameday Audio.

I was interested in receiving information about the MiLB. I wanted to know if there is an open tryout schedule that you may be able to provide me. -- Craig R.

We covered the topic of tryouts previously, including a tryout schedule. take a look and best of luck!

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