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By Staff | October 4, 2010 6:00 AM

Minor League Baseball fans have a lot of questions about the game, its players and this website. We at attempt to answer some of those curiosities. No promises, though.

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The Escondido City Council is contemplating funding a baseball park in our city. What is the best advice for our council members for our 140,000 resident city? -- Bob M.

Creating a new Minor League team is a bit more complicated than gathering funds for a park. Cities cannot simply create a Minor League team; as long as Major League Baseball doesn't expand and create additional teams, Minor League Baseball is unlikely to follow. Depending on lease agreements and other contractual obligations, Minor League owners are sometimes able to relocate their team to new cities.

Did I miss seeing 2010 Arizona Fall League info, or am I just too early to find out schedules and team rosters? -- Lee B.

You missed it, but it's not going anywhere -- rosters, schedules and news can be found on the AFL's official site.

Why is Águilas de Mexicali or the Mexican Pacific League not listed on your web site, while the Mexican League is? -- A Sendelbach

Unlike the Mexican League, the Mexican Pacific League is not part of Minor League Baseball or the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues -- it's a winter league.

Is there a list of transactions that take place after the season is over so that you know who has been released or traded between the end of the 2010 season and the beginning of the 2011 season? -- Karrie B.

Yes, each league site has it's own transactions report that should be updated throughout the offseason.

I see a poll on your site asking who the top prospect is going into the offseason. You're missing the best prospect in all of baseball. Please edit the poll and add Mike Trout. -- Brian

Valid point, although you could argue on behalf of several other players being included as options. Our poll is by no means a top-six list, it's just a poll (which includes several players who have already reached the Majors, by the way).

I have a friend who played Minor League Baseball back in the late 1930s and into the '40s, Field C. Everett -- I cannot say for sure where he played ball. Can you tell me how to find out about his playing days? -- Jim

We couldn't track him down -- his name did not appear in a database of Minor League players who played in the regular season for the years of 1922-2004. Perhaps he played under a different name?

I was wondering what was going on with the Class A teams, the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes and the Inland Empire 66ers? Quakes are the Angels affiliates and the 66ers are the Dodgers. Are they swapping teams with each other or will they continue to be the same? I just heard a lot of talk so I was confused. -- Erik H.

I see that the Quakes and Dodgers have signed a two-year affiliation deal. Which California Minor League team will be affiliated with the Angels next season? --Tony D.

So where did the Angels' "A" team go? What stadium will they play at for 2011 and/or 2012? --Kevin L.

The Quakes and Dodgers announced they reached a deal for the next two seasons, as did the Angels with Inland Empire.

Now that the Quakes are a Dodgers affiliate, will the personnel be switching too? How will this work for all of the players and coaches, and is it the same at each level? -- Michael V.

Are you asking if the Dodgers have acquired all of the Angels' players who played at Rancho Cucamonga in 2010? If so, no -- Minor League teams consist of players assigned by their parent club. The Dodgers will now be sending their Minor Leaguers and coaches to Rancho Cucamonga in 2011. All on-field staff of a Minor League club consists of the Major League affiliate's employees, from Class A up to Triple-A and the Majors.

Dear MiLB, when will Bakersfield get an MLB affiliation? I think the Bakersfield Blaze will be in the Cincinnati Reds. -- Cody M.

I have been wondering what the plans are for the Reds' Class A Advanced team next season since they have moved out of Lynchburg in the Carolina League after just one season there. That seems to be a bit unusual, and I thought that Major League clubs had to have a two-year commitment to a Minor League franchise's city? -- Noel G.

It's likely the Reds and Blaze will agree to a deal now that there are few options left. Nothing has been announced yet, though -- the deadline for clubs to sign a PDC is Oct. 7, so expect some news by then. If a club does not have a PDC with an MLB team by that date, then they will be assigned one by the MLB office and Minor League Baseball.

Cincinnati spent only one year in Lynchburg because they sold their Class A Advanced franchise in Sarasota in the Florida State League to the Pirates. That club was then relocated to Bradenton as a Pirates affiliate this season. That left the Reds with Lynchburg for 2010 on a one-year PDC.

I would like to see develop an alternative (that is, in addition to) for the current box score format. Would it be possible to have a columnar format where all games for a scheduled date be grouped together in scrollable column? It would be nice to have all games in the column, but a grouping by level or league would work. Currently, the level (Triple-A, Double-A, etc) or league must be selected, then each game in turn. It is very time-consuming to view each box score, making it virtually impossible to look at all the leagues before the 10 a.m. rollover. -- Doug P.

We do currently have league-specific scoreboard pages that display linescores for all games, as you mentioned. Having over a dozen full box scores on one page would likely be difficult to read and navigate for most users, though.

Also, all the box scores are archived, they don't disappear daily at 10 a.m. -- simply click the date on the page's calendar you'd like to view to see all games from that day.

Are Minor League players responsible for buying their own equipment, gloves, bats, helmets, etc.? --Bob H.

Players, both at the Major and Minor League levels, are provided equipment like helmets, uniforms and such, but most opt to use their own bats and gloves. Often those pieces of equipment are custom-ordered by that player to his liking. If you look closely, many players have their names embroidered into their gloves and etched into their bats.

How do I get information on player in the current Instructional League in Arizona? I know a few guys playing in it but can't pull up any info on the web. Do they even do any type of media updates on that? -- Julie B.

Is there a specific place where I could find the instructional league rosters, and if there isn't, do you know or do you know where I could find the instructional league roster for the Arizona Diamondbacks? --Jay H.

"Instructs" are very informal and not run by Minor League Baseball, so we don't have much coverage or official rosters. It's less a "league" and more of a Spring Training-like situation. It's not really organized to the extent that box scores are kept, but our MLB team reporters sometimes have updates on prospects participating. You may want to keep your eyes on the team site or beat reporter's MLBlog for updates like that.

I played for the Reds for four years and the Brewers for one. My stats don't include my 2004 season, which was the best year of my career. If you don't have it or can't get my stats for that year, please remove my information from your website. -- Richie G.

It's nothing personal -- our current statistics provider (MLB Advanced Media) took over compiling Minor League stats in 2005, so we currently display official stats from 2005-present on all player pages, not just yours. Also, your 2004 stats (and Reds Player of the Year award) are indeed noted in the year-by-year highlights section as well.

I work in a library and had a patron come in to find what radio stations broadcast the Northwest League Minor League Baseball Games. I searched the MiLB site, but couldn't locate the info. Can you help? --Linda M.

We can help, yes -- check out this Gameday Audio page for all game broadcast feeds, if provided by the teams.

Have you seen these commercials that the Charlotte Stone Crabs put out throughout the season? They're spoofs of ESPN's 'This is SportsCenter' commercials. Not bad for a Minor League team if you ask me. --Chris G.

The Crabs are one of many Minor League teams that have gotten into spoofs and viral videos -- you can view all of Charlotte's commercials here. Have you seen the videos from Reading, Lakewood, or Binghamton?

I'm working on a research project, and I have been searching a while for a man named Sherman Carter who was a professional baseball player in Minor League Baseball in the late fifties and sixties. Does anybody know about him? -- Louise-Odile P.

According to his player record card, he was living in the Washington D.C. area when his playing career ended in 1965. We have no information regarding the whereabouts of former players or whether they are still alive or not, though, but you might want to contact the Association of Professional Baseball Players of America (714-935-9993).

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