Bourjos and Trumbo Visit Decker Lake Youth

Club Continues Program with Utah's Juvenile Justice Services

By Salt Lake Bees | April 23, 2010 1:27 PM

Outfielder Peter Bourjos and infielder Mark Trumbo kicked off the Bees 2010 mentoring program with Utah's Juvenile Justice Services on Friday, April 23 at Decker Lake Youth Center.

The teammates spoke with over 25 youth in the facility about their personal journey through professional baseball and their attitudes about being one step away from the big leagues.

"It takes hard work to get where we're at today, " said Trumbo. "Only five percent of all baseball players who sign a contract make it to the bigs. My plan is to be in that five percent and it's not easy. Nothing good in this life is easy."

Bourjos added, "My dad was my role model, I wanted to be just like him and play in the Majors. I still do. I think it's important to find that someone to look up to and model yourself after. It's helped me alot in sticking with the pursuit of my dream."

Following a question and answer session, the players signed photos for the youth.

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