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New Ballpark Renderings Released with Preliminary Funding Plan

July 7, 2010

Yakima - The Yakima Bears met with the City of Yakima Economic Development Committee today to present a preliminary plan for funding a new multi use facility that would house the professional baseball team. The team also introduced ballpark renderings that are part of the conceptual design process that is being paid for by the team. HKS is the architectural firm producing the conceptual design.

The presentation was put together and led by the Yakima Bears' consultant, Mike Thiessen of the Madison Group. It included why a new facility is needed, what it will do for the City of Yakima, the types of events it can host, and a preliminary way to fund it without increasing any taxes. This presentation is a culmination of many meetings with community and city leaders following the strict stance of building the ballpark without a tax increase. Slated for the Boise Cascade site, it is expected to serve as a catalyst for development of the 211 acre project.

"This is an exciting day to release this information to the community," said Bears general manager, K.L. Wombacher. "This project will have a major impact on the entire region. The presentation given today shows that this project is possible if we work together."

The Bears hired Mr. Thiessen 3 months ago to help guide this process and put together the creative funding plan. While the viability of everything presented in the funding plan isn't completely known at this time, the plan will serve as a starting point for dialogue amongst City, County, State, and Team officials.

Yakima Ballpark, aerial view      Yakima Ballpark, interior bowl