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Minor League fans have questions, we've got some answers
August 26, 2010
Minor League Baseball fans have a lot of questions about the game, its players and this website. We at attempt to answer some of those curiosities. No promises, though.

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Is it possible you could explain the difference between single, Double and Triple-A? Can a player be called up to the Majors from any of these levels? How is it determined what level a player plays on? I have attended several Minor League games (the Richmond Braves) about 15 years ago, the Mississippi Braves about a month ago and next week the Kannapolis Intimidators. I think I would attend more games if I better understood how all of this works. -- "SnoopyDog"

Class A, Double-A and Triple-A refer to the degree of experience and talent, typically. Class A leagues are aimed toward younger, less experienced players like recent Draft picks or players with 1-2 years of service time. Major League organizations can promote players as they wish to higher levels, like Double-A and Triple-A, which typically feature leagues with more experienced and talented players. Players can be called up to the Majors directly from any level, although most often, players spend a few years in the Minors gaining knowledge and sharpening their skills and are not called up until they reach Double- or Triple-A.

I'm planning a trip next year to the Hall of Fame [in Cooperstown, N.Y.] and would like to go to some games while there. Please advise which teams are close and how I can check on their schedules. Many thanks. -- Lee H.

The Tri-City ValleyCats are located near Albany, N.Y., which is about an hour and a half east of Cooperstown. The Binghamton Mets are about an hour and a half southwest of Cooperstown. (Hall of Fame visitors previously could drop by the nearby Oneonta Tigers, but they relocated to Connecticut this season.) Syracuse is also a possibility. 2011 schedules have not been released for all teams, so you may want to check back on on those team's websites this offseason to best plan your trip. Keep in mind, Tri-City is a short-season team which begins play in mid-June.

You might also want to check out some of the roadtrips we at have put together for fans. is terribly in need of an actual mobile web site. Access of scores and news is readily available on mobile phones, according to numerous advertisements on MiLB web sites. However, this is not the case. -- Kevin L.

It is the case --'s mobile site has been up all season and can be easily found directly at on your web-enabled mobile device. Mobile devices automatically direct users to that address when is viewed on a phone. It is important to note the difference between web-enabled mobile devices and small-screen devices like an iPod Touch or iPad. The latter will force you to type in "" whereas the former should automatically redirect you.

Years ago, I purchased an Minor League hat at a flea market. It was dark green with a logo on the front of what looks like an eagle, with a ball in its talons. I would like to know what team it was and where I could purchase another hat. -- Harry W.

Sounds like a Boise Hawks cap.

Are Minor League broadcasts subject to blackouts as are MLB games? I live in Austin, Texas -- will I be able to watch Round Rock home games? -- "Dricks3"

If you're referring to MiLB.TV, then, no, there are no blackout restrictions for MiLB.TV broadcasts. The Express may be better able to address any local television broadcast issues.

Why don't you have a web page that list scores by organization? --Paul C.

We do -- The homepage has a scoreboard that allows users to view scores by Major League affiliate (or by league or classification). also has pages dedicated to this for each organization.

I am writing a research paper for a graduate marketing class. Part of my equation revolves around profitability of Class A-level baseball teams. Do you have average attendance figures for these teams? --Kevin W.

Yes, we list attendance figures and team averages for all leagues. For example, here's the California League's year-to-date attendance numbers for each of its clubs, including averages.

I was wondering why Minor League Baseball has relocated all but one of it's Canadian teams over the last decade or so? Within just a few years of each other, every Canadian-based team but the Vancouver Canadians was been moved stateside, but I was too young to care why at the time. It would be great if you could give me some reasons why this happened and tell me if there is any consideration in getting a couple teams back in Canada in the future. -- Michael U.

The decision to begin the relocation process is made by the individual franchise owner of the Minor League Baseball club. Teams relocate for a variety of reasons, including attendance, stadium condition and lease situation, geography in relation to the other clubs in its league or its Major League parent, climate conditions, its market's economic landscape, etc. We're not aware of any teams planning to move to Canada.

Can we have a drop-down or link to scheduled day games for MiLB? Steve K.

Yes, we've been working on rolling out a new schedule page that will help fans view all Minor League games for a given day at a glance.

In the fall of 1957, my uncle took me to a ball game in Idaho Falls, Idaho. During the seventh-inning stretch, they shut the park lights off, and we watched Sputnik pass over the stadium. It was really the second stage booster rocket we could see. I was 6 years old. Can you tell me the name of the team at that time and give me a schedule of home games they played? -- Delmar L.

We turned to our friends at Idaho Falls for this one -- in 1957, the Idaho Falls Russets were an affiliate of the Detroit Tigers and finished 73-53. They don't seem to have a game schedule, though.

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