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Ask The men in blue

Minor League fans have questions, we've got some answers
September 20, 2010
Minor League Baseball fans have a lot of questions about the game, its players and this website. We at attempt to answer some of those curiosities. No promises, though.

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On Sept. 1, the Montgomery Biscuits played the Huntsville Stars, and toward the end of the game (I can't recall the exact time), I noticed that there were only two umpires on the field. I cannot recall this ever happening before. What are the rules governing the loss of an umpire due to illness or injury? Do they typically have an alternate umpire available to fill the void? -- Lee W.

There is no rule saying that an umpire must be replaced if he leaves due to illness or injury. The rule says that the only time an umpire can be replaced is because of illness or injury, but nothing says it's required.

Many Minor Leagues only use two umpires -- the New York-Penn League, for example -- so it sounds like on this night there just might not have been a replacement on hand that could step in.

I am now 47 years old and umpire approximately 160 men's competitive softball games per year. I want to pursue my umpiring career as far as I realistically can. At my age, if my evaluation at a camp is good, would I have a chance of umpiring professionally? -- Ken D.

You're asking the wrong people on that one -- doesn't pick umpires, nor do we evaluate them. We do have detailed information on how to become an umpire, though. Good luck!

I had the opportunity to photograph a doubleheader between the Staten Island Yankees and the Hudson Valley Renegades on Sept. 2. I was hoping to submit some of the photos to to have them posted. How do I go about submitting them? -- Rob B.

We have a slideshow on the MiLB Fans page to showcases photos submitted and taken by fans. You can email the images to [email protected]

Where are the ballparks in which the teams in the Gulf Coast League play? -- Bennett B.

GCL teams play at the Spring Training/Florida State League complexes of their parent affiliate. You can find addresses for each stadium on the GCL information page.

I am trying to do a search on Tulane University alumni in the Minor Leagues and can't find the function to do this on the website? Can you please advise? -- Bob F.

There is no search-by-school feature available at this time on, although other sites may offer something similar. You may want to contact Tulane's sports information office. They likely have records of alumni drafted.

I appreciate the easy scoreboard-by-league, but why not have an updated section on the homepage during the playoffs that gives a quick update on all the series? -- D.G. Doyle

We have a page that offers that, linked from the main page. Click on a league and check it out.

I sang the National Anthem at the Sept. 2 Boise Hawks game and would love to obtain a video of it. Can you tell me how I might purchase one from your website? -- Hilary B.

You might want to ask the Boise Hawks about that video.

What happened to pitching coach Bill Moloney? Was he transferred? -- "RLAMOTHE5"

Bill is currently listed as the Double-A Montgomery Biscuits pitching coach, as far as we know. See for yourself.

Can you tell me when and if the 2011 season schedule is available? -- Jaimye C.

Teams release their 2011 schedules individually throughout the offseason when they choose to, so you may want to contact teams directly regarding their future schedule dates. Many schedules have already been announced.

I am looking to obtain any information on how to get started in scouting baseball players as a volunteer bird dog scout or contact information for personnel that could help me in the Seattle area. -- Robert B.

You should contact a Major League organization directly. Teams employ their own scouting departments. Minor League Baseball does not. Teams typically have regional scouts and farm directors who oversee scouting operations.

When will the next tryout camp schedule be available since I missed the ones for this year? Can I go to one of the local Minor League stadium and try as a walk-on? -- Reymundo S.

I play center field and I wanted to try out for Minor League or a Major League team. I am very good at my position. My batting average is .350. So how can you help me get the information for tryouts? I really want to play baseball. -- Troy A.

The Major League try-out camp schedule will be updated sometime this winter -- Minor League Baseball has nothing to do with those schedules, so we don't know when MLB will set those new dates.

Yes, Minor League teams often host try-out sessions on behalf of their Major League parent club -- players cannot audition to play directly for a Minor League team. All players are signed by Major League organizations and then assigned to an affiliate. You should contact local teams in your area to see if they'll be hosting any such tryout dates in 2011. Good luck!

Have a question? Shoot us an email at [email protected], and please be as specific as possible so that we can accurately respond to your inquiry.