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Q&A: Checking in With LHP Stephen Peterson

Petey Reflects on His Time in Brevard County
October 21, 2015

The voice of the Manatees, Dave Walkovic, chats with left-handed pitcher Stephen Peterson.

What have you been up to this offseason so far?

Spending a lot of time with family, my girlfriend and my dog. I took about two weeks off to relax and wind down before starting to get prepared for the 2016 season. Now workouts are in full swing and I'm already looking forward to Spring Training! 

You have spent the last few seasons in Brevard County, what are some of the things that you will remember about this community?

Brevard County is such a great place to play baseball. The community and the fans make spending the season there feel like home and create a great atmosphere for baseball. The entire front office and staff does a wonderful job of taking care of the players and fans and creating an unmatched game day experience. I'm very grateful for the time I have spent there. 

What are your overall thoughts of the Brevard County fans?

The best in the Florida State League! This past year was the best attendance I've seen and it's always a great feeling as a player when you have passionate and loyal fans in the stands. That's a testament to Kyle, Chad, and the amazing staff they put together to continue to grow as a team and organization. 

What was your favorite moment of the 2015 season?

There were a lot of fun moments this season. We had a great group of guys and we were led by motivating coaches who gave us every opportunity to succeed and become better players. I'm gonna have to go with getting my first professional at bat in the final game of the season as my favorite moment. It was something that Joe told me he was going to try and make happen before the end of the season, and it all came full circle in the 8th inning of the final game. It was a little nerve-racking getting in the box for the first time since 2005 (my junior year of high school). After fouling off the first pitch that looked like 100 and watching the second pitch sail high, I shattered my bat at the handle and grounded out to first on the third one. My favorite part of the whole thing was my teammates and coaches reaction on the bench. Definitely a career highlight for me. 

Did you feel like you were a leader in the bullpen?

I always try and be a leader in whatever role or situation I am in. It's something that has always been important to me. As an older guy this season in the bullpen, I wanted to be the guy my coaches and teammates could count on both on the field and off. I'll always try to make the best decisions possible for myself and the team and hope that inspires guys to put themselves in the best position possible to succeed. 

You are a big hockey guy and I know your team is the Bruins. How are the B's going to do this year?

After a slow start, the boys are looking great in the last two games. They have some new faces on offense and some young guys on defense that will take some time to get rolling but I like the chances of getting back to the playoffs this year. 

Pitching coach Dave Chavarria, who is Canadian, said the Canucks look pretty good this year…

That's the hardest I've laughed in a long time. They would have a better chance with him out there on the ice. 

What are your goals heading into the 2016 season?

I'm going to continue to work extremely hard and get myself in the best shape possible for Spring Training and the 2016 season. The season is a grind and it takes a lot of dedication to be ready to go 140 games a year. My plan is to arrive in Arizona in February and put myself in the best position possible to compete for a job. I'm already looking forward to competing and being back with my teammates!