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Former Cutters share Christmas memories

December 20, 2010

We all have a favorite Christmas gift that stands out in our minds and comes to mind year after year bringing back the happy feelings of that time gone by.  With that theme in mind, we asked some former Cutters to share with us their favorite Christmas gift of all-time. 

Here are some of their responses, in their own words.

Carlos Alonso (2010) -  I got an early Christmas present this year and it quickly became my all-time favorite; The Kindle e-reader from amazon, which stores hundreds of books on a small portable reading device.  This is  my favorite gift because I love to read and I am constantly traveling so it is very convenient.

Evan Porter (2009) - Last year I was with my family on Christmas morning, when I got a call from former teammates Adam Buschini and Jeremy Barnes. They both just called to say how much they missed me. Made me cry, and the Poppa brought in a baby Golden Retriever puppy. She was the best Christmas gift a family could ask for. It was the greatest Christmas morning in the history of Christmas mornings. 

David Buchanan (2010)
- I would have to say that my favorite Christmas gift of all time was this really nice remote control car that cost about $300. My dad got it for me when I was in middle school. The car would go about 45 miles an hour. It came with off road tires and everything. I would race it at tracks, jump it over jumps and everything! I still drive it today! I love it! 

Matt McConnell (2010) -
When I was 9 or 10, I got a throwback Ken Griffey Jr. authentic jersey from my parents for Christmas.  He was my favorite player and think I still have it today.

Joe Blackburn (2008) -
My favorite Christmas present would probably have to be the Macy's clothing box I got when I was about 7 or 8 that was filled with Ninja Turtle action figures.  It doesn't seem like a likely candidate, but it was because from then on I always had the hope that when I opened a present that looked like it would be clothes, it could be something better.  Now-a-days, I'm fine with the boxes being filled with clothes though. 

Here's to great holiday memories and to creating even more with your family and friends in 2010.  Happy holidays Cutters fans!