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Ask MiLB: Offseason questions

Minor League fans have questions; we've got some answers
January 20, 2011
Minor League Baseball fans have a lot of questions about the game, its players and this website. We at attempt to answer some of those curiosities. No promises, though.

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Where are 2010 Portland (Padres - AAA) stats? Will these stats evolve/attach to the Pads' new Triple-A affiliate? When will this team show up on -- "Curmudgeon"

Valid question -- the Portland website has been removed since the club relocated to Tucson. However, you can view the team's individual player stats here. The stats associated with the Portland club will not transfer over to the franchise history of the new Tucson club. The new Tucson Padres website will be available before the end of the month.

Who owns the club, stadium and players? -- Dwight

Minor League teams are owned the same way any other sports franchise is, typically by an owner or ownership group. Some teams are owned by their Major League parent club, and others may be a collection of investors, etc. The stadiums are typically owned by the club or the local town/county. Players are under contract with the Major League organization they have signed with.

I have an autographed baseball from [Toronto, 1960-1967] and I am trying to find out the exact year. I was too young at the time to remember. How do I find out the rosters of that era? I can read most or the signatures. -- D. Clerk has rosters for those Toronto teams here, although does not have archived stats that far back. Good luck!

I am hoping that you can help me identify a player's name? He's number is No. 38 and would have played in the Southern League in 1994 or in the following years! Can you help me with that information or let me know where I might be able to research it? -- Tracy N.

Can't help you much there. We'd need more specific information. Players change uniform numbers often as it is, so it's impossible to say.

Is there a link that would allow me to read the Mexican League transactions in English? Thank you. --Mike W.

Negative, the Mexican League specifically requested the ability to enter their transactions in Spanish, so at least at this time, we do not have an English version of their transaction report.

At Minor League camps, can you get onto a Minor League Baseball team? --Vitaly H.

What is a Minor League camp? Are you referring to Spring Training or tryouts? You cannot try out with a Minor League team. Players are assigned to affiliated Minor League clubs by parent organizations.

I am a former player and would like to try and start a coaching career. I am having a hard time finding the contact information for all of the MLB team's Minor League Coordinators. Could you point me in the right direction for finding this info? --Kit P.

Where can I find Minor League coordinators contact info? I have played three years and was released, now trying to get picked up, but wanted to get contact info to find out when teams are gonna have their workouts because I know they are soon. --Beau R.

Calling the clubs is your best option -- the directory from the MiLB Information Guide has phone numbers for teams. We're unable to give out emails, though. Good luck!

Beau, you may want to speak with an agent about getting invited to Spring Training or getting connected with a team. They would know better than us.

My fifth great grandpa was in Minor League Baseball, his name was Lawson Rinckey. I'm looking for info on him. Please get back to me ASAP -- thanks so much. -- Ashley E.

Fifth great grandfather? That would probably put him in the early 1800s, no? We don't have any information on him. You may want to ask your family members; they'd know better than us.

Former players are under no obligation to provide Minor League Baseball with their current contact information. There are several member-based organizations that maintain contact information of former Minor and Major League Baseball players, including the Minor League Baseball Alumni Association, the Association of Professional Baseball Players of America (714-935-9993), and the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association (719-477-1870). The Minor League Baseball Alumni Association does not distribute contact information of former players. The other organizations may, or may not, have similar privacy policies.

I am doing some research and looking for information on the sale of Minor League Baseball franchises. Do you have any information on your site, or can you suggest a direction for me to go? Any help that you can give me would be greatly appreciated. -- Steve

Minor League Baseball does not release any specifics involving internal club business affairs or transactions. Clubs may wish to release any details relating to their business as they see fit. Club sales must first be approved by the league office before they are sent to MiLB. If approved by the Minor League office, the proposed sale is then sent to the Major League Baseball office for their approval.

Hi, do you know your phone number, because Jonathan wants to talk to the baseball players on the phone. Jonathan wants to ask the baseball players some questions on the phone. --Jonathan

Yes, we do know our phone number, and no, there are no players currently here at our office to speak with. The best way to chat with a Minor Leaguer would probably be at the ballpark before and after games. Many players stick around to sign autographs and take photos with fans.

Hi, you guys have the Class A Advanced teams for Cincinnati and Atlanta mixed up on the affiliations page. -- Chris S.

Our page is correct. Both teams changed affiliates this offseason; the Braves left Myrtle Beach for Lynchburg, and the Reds moved into Bakersfield.

I have noticed that several teams do not have video. How can I get a list of the teams who participate in the video portion of broadcasts? -- Gregg T.

We'll have the full schedule of MiLB.TV games available later this year as the season draws near. We're optimistic that all Triple-A clubs will have live game video in 2011.

Hi, can you please answer my question -- is the mercy rule used in Minor League Baseball? -- Joe O.

We certainly can answer that: no. Games are typically played for their scheduled nine or seven innings, weather permitting.

I recently saw that [former Miami Dolphins quarterback] Pat White was signed by the Royals for some sort of a Minor League contract. I searched his name on the player search on your website and he was not on there. I was wondering what team he currently on and his stats and why he is not in that list. -- Jacob R.

Wonder no more, White's player page lists him currently with the Burlington Royals. He has not yet appeared in a Minor League game, so he has no stats.

Why do we in America pay our Minor League players so little? We have so many out-of-the-country players -- why do we pay the American players so little? Thank you. -- Lisa L.

Minor League players are employees of Major League clubs. The salaries of first-year players are established by the Major Leagues for each Minor League classification or league. After a player's first year, salaries are negotiable. Where a player is from has no bearing on his salary. Most Minor Leaguers are paid according to the number of years they have played and the classification at which they are playing.

On July 4, 1993, at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland, James H. Morrison, a center fielder for the New Britain Red Sox, hit a home run that proved to be the margin of victory in a 3-2 win over the homestanding Bowie Baysox. After the game, Morrison signed that home run baseball for me. In a matter of days, he received his release from the Red Sox and, as far as I can discern, he never played professionally again. As the baseball in question may well represent the last home run of his career, I would like to return it to him. --Pat G.

We attempted to contact someone by the name of James Morrison from that player's hometown of Anna, Ill., earlier this week but could not reach anyone at that number. So far, he has not returned our call. Mr. Morrison, if you're out there, give us a shout.

Good evening, I was wondering how I can find a list of local scouts in my area? Thanks for your time. -- David B.

We don't have that information -- Major League clubs employ their own staff of regional and international scouts, so they would be the best to contact. Each Major League team lists its scouting directors and personnel, so you may want to contact a team's front office and speak with someone from scouting for those details.

I am a college student working on a class project. I was wondering how a Minor League Baseball team gets affiliated with a Major League team? -- "Nick G."

Under the terms of the Professional Baseball Agreement between Minor League Baseball and Major League Baseball, MLB clubs shall field at least 160 Minor League clubs through Player Development Contracts (PDCs) with MiLB member clubs. PDC agreements are two or four years long.

All 30 MLB clubs have one Triple-A, one Double-A, one Class A Advanced and one Class A team, and a few other affiliates.

I have a question. Do you have any information on 2011 Major and Minor League tryouts? Dates, times, info, location? Thanks. -- Colten

Dates and times will be posted here when they are made available by Major League Baseball and any clubs offering tryout camps. You cannot directly try out for a Minor League team. Check with your local MiLB club to see if they will be hosting any tryouts at their stadium on behalf of their affiliate organization.

Hello. I need 20 pocket schedules for 2011, is it possible? Thank you very much. -- Johanne L. does not have any pocket schedules. Individual Minor League teams may be able to send you schedules upon request. Schedules are available on for your perusal.

Have a question? Shoot us an email at [email protected], and please be as specific as possible so that we can accurately respond to your inquiry.