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Ask MiLB: help a catcher find a job

Minor League fans have questions; we've got some answers
February 25, 2011
Minor League Baseball fans have a lot of questions about the game, its players and this website. We at attempt to answer some of those curiosities. No promises, though.

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I would like to know whatever happened to Kyle Ginley. Is he still in Toronto's organization? -- Josephine W.

Ginley had a pinched nerve in his pitching elbow in 2009 and missed the 2010 season following surgery. He's still under contract with the Blue Jays. A team source said the club is hopeful he will return to the mound this season.

Where can I find the team roster for the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees [and other] Minor League Yankees teams? Forgot how I did it last year -- I print it out for my husband. Thanks for any help you can give me. -- Rose G.

The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees roster is right where you'd expect it to be -- on the SWB Yankees' website. You can find links to all the Yankees' affiliates on the Minor League affiliates list. You can specifically find the Yankees' affiliates on

Can you tell me what team uniform this player pictured (right) is wearing? I do not know if it is a college, Minor Leagues or Major League. I think the player in the picture is George Thrasher in 1930. --Lisa M.

We're not sure. It's pretty difficult to see what his uniform says. Thrasher, if that's indeed him in the image, did not play past 1927, according to Baseball Reference. If anyone else can identify him, let us know -- it's definitely not a Major League uniform.

Hello, I wonder if you can help by answering this: How can I get a job or internship in the Minor Leagues with me being from the U.K.? There seems to be a case of nationalism against me when trying to find work in baseball in the U.S. I am a qualified coach, club secretary and founding member of the Thames Valley baseball club. I went to open tryouts with the Brewers in the U.K., and I spent last summer coaching at a sports camp in Pennsylvania. I recently joined the Baseball Softball U.K. Youth Panel on a voluntary basis, so I do have the credentials. --Ian H.

First of all, there are thousands of people playing and working in baseball who are not American -- the World Baseball Classic is a good example of the global reach of baseball. itself has a writer from the UK, so there is no conspiracy out there. Second, I guess we're a little confused in exactly what you're aspiring to do -- play, coach or intern with a team? Interns in the Minors tend to get involved with the promotional and entertainment aspects of the game.

The PBEO Job Fair at the Baseball Winter Meetings provides maybe the best possible opportunity to be in touch with the greatest number of teams and organizations in one place at one time. The 2011 event is coming up in early December in Dallas, Texas.

I inherited my dad's baseball team, and I want to join the Minor Leagues. -- Veronica

A baseball team cannot simply join Minor League Baseball; membership to the Minors is through leagues, not clubs. Teams in the Minors are affiliated with Major League organizations.

Hi, I'm Blake Ochoa, a professional baseball player with six years experience in the United States and Venezuela. I am [a free agent] in search of a contract to continue playing baseball. -- Blake Ochoa

Sounds like you need an agent. If any team (or agent) out there reads this and needs a catcher -- Ochoa had a .390 OBP in 2010 -- Blake is your man. Drop us a note and we'll get you connected.

Is there a way of sorting MiLB players by nationality? Almost half of the players in the Minor Leagues were born outside of the U.S., and it would be cool for people to follow their countrymen's progress. --Rafael

We currently do not have the option to sort by nationality, although you can bookmark as many players as you'd like and follow them that way. We may look into that functionality in the future.

Hello, I wanted to get directions on how to get to the list of players that I have bookmarked on the website. Once I sign in to the website, I cannot seem to find the link to find these players. -- Tyshon

Click Player Bookmarks at the bottom of the homepage to see this list.

I was just wondering about some open tryouts near me. I live in Seymour, Tenn., which is near Knoxville. If you could e-mail me a list of them or give me a number so I could get the info, it would be appreciated. -- Gavin H.

I was wondering if you guys hold open tryouts and how you go about registering for them. -- Ryan S.

I was wondering if there are any tryouts in Missouri and if so, how old do I have to be and when it is? Please let me know, thank you. -- Matthew A.

I am the parent of an aspiring baseball player living in Las Vegas, Nev. My son has the dream of someday (soon) playing professional baseball with a first step of trying out for the Las Vegas 51s organization. In speaking to him about this goal, I have learned from him that tryouts will be held in June of this year. My son has gone on to say that among the basic requirements are that each applicant must possess at a minimum a high school diploma. I am not familiar with the "rules of engagement" for becoming a candidate to tryout, and I'm not sure where to look for such information. I would greatly appreciate any guidance you can give me (and my son) to set him on the right path. -- Red D.

Not sure where your son received that information but it isn't entirely accurate. It's not possible to try out for any individual Minor League club, including Las Vegas. The majority of players in the Minor Leagues are scouted and drafted by, and sign contracts with Major League organizations following the annual MLB First-Year Player Draft each June. Some players are also signed as undrafted international free agents. Regardless, each player must sign a contract with a Major League team, which then assigns the player to one of its Minor League affiliates. The Minor League clubs have no input on their rosters.

Regarding tryouts, the answer to this question -- which we receive every single week -- is No. 1 on our Minor League FAQs page. The Major League Baseball scouting bureau conducts tryouts. When they release the schedule of tryout camps, you can view it here.

Major League clubs are beginning to schedule dates for open tryouts now -- the Marlins held a tryout camp on Feb. 16 at their Spring Training facility in Jupiter, Fla. You can refer to this page for upcoming camp details and dates in your area.

Tryout camps are open for all players at least 16 years of age. There is no fee. Registration will be done 30 minutes prior to start of camp. All players must bring their own equipment. The liability waiver (.PDF) is available in the link above. Here are additional FAQ's about the tryouts.

I am in possession of my father's NAPBL contracts, letters and envelopes, correspondence, dispositions, etc., for 1945, '47-48 and 1950. I have contacted the National Baseball Hall of Fame. They have reviewed the document list and are going to include these in their archives. YEAH! I need to find out if they have any monetary value before I "gift" them. Could you guide me in the right direction? -- Gayle A.

Cool stuff, but we have no idea -- you might want to contact the American Society of Appraisers. They can point you toward someone who can better put a value, if any, on items like that. A historian from the Hall of Fame itself could probably give you a better answer.

Have a question? Shoot us an email at [email protected], and please be as specific as possible so that we can accurately respond to your inquiry.