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Lynchburg announces team name finalists

Fans encouraged to select club's new name starting in 2017
July 12, 2016

LYNCHBURG, Va. -- After the initial round of Lynchburg's "Name The Team" contest saw its loyal fanbase suggest a number of creative and original names, the list has been narrowed to six finalists.

"We were not surprised but still extremely proud of the passion and creativity our fans displayed when submitting possible names for the Lynchburg baseball team moving forward," said Hillcats Team President Chris Jones. "We are expecting our fans to show the same amount of passion and enthusiasm in the next step of the process by voting for their favorite name on our team website."

Lynchburg is looking for a name that best captures the rich history and spirit of the Lynchburg community as well as its proud baseball tradition. Fans can choose their favorite name by clicking here and casting their vote.

In alphabetical order, the six finalists are:

Lynchburg Derechos
Locals know Derechos are mighty storms, symbolic of the power and strength of players working their way up to the big leagues.

Lynchburg Doves
The Lynchburg Doves pays tribute both to Lynchburg's hunting culture and the community's faith-based history.

Lynchburg Hillcats
Lynchburg Hillcats honors the seven hills Lynchburg is known for and Lynchburg's baseball history.

Lynchburg Lamb Chops
A celebration of Lynchburg's faith-based heritage, the Lamb Chops combines the community's servant-spirit with the fun of Minor League Baseball.

Lynchburg Love Apples
Love Apples is a tribute to the Lynchburg legend that Thomas Jefferson was the first to bite into tomato (called a Love Apple) proving that tomatoes weren't poisonous.

Lynchburg River Runners
Honoring Lynchburg founder John Lynch, the River Runners celebrates the man who ran goods across the James River and the town he founded.

Voting will be open until Tuesday, July 19, at 5 p.m. ET. Fans are encouraged to vote for their favorite choice by clicking here. The winner will be announced later in the year.