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Fans, aspiring players quiz us on apps, tryouts, Jamie Moyer
February 21, 2012
Baseball fans have a lot of questions about the Minor Leagues, its players and this website. We at attempt to answer some of those curiosities -- no promises, though.

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Hi, do you know on which farm team of the Rockies Jamie Moyer will be playing? My son would like to include this detail in a report to his third grade class. He says his favorite team is the Rockies, so please don't let him down! -- Tiffany

Moyer hasn't been assigned to a Minor League affiliate -- he signed a Minor League contract, which basically means he will try to make the Rockies' Major League roster during Spring Training. If he doesn't make the cut, then the Rockies at that time (late March) would potentially assign him to an affiliate of their choice, or release him.

I am interested in finding a list of all Minor League Baseball players who have been placed on the disabled list during the past few seasons. Is this information available on the website? I appreciate any information you can provide. -- Erin

Yep, if you click on "stats" on, you'll find links for transactions for each league, with notes on when players are placed on the DL. You can then view them by month for each league dating back to the 2005 season. For example, here's the International League.

Hi. My name's Zac. I was wondering what the rules are for trying out for a Minor League team. If you can email me back that would be great! -- Zac C.

Hello, my name is Daniel. I was a left-handed pitcher from Rialto High School. I was a great pitcher. My question is regarding tryouts, I was wondering if you ever have them? I would be very interested if you guys ever hold tryouts. You can email me. -- Daniel L. literally never has tryouts, and neither does Minor League Baseball or any Minor League clubs. You simply cannot try out for a Minor League team -- people don't believe us.

You can attend a tryout camp hosted by Major League Baseball's scouting bureau or a big league club, that's it. Details about that tryout process and getting into baseball can be found here.

I use this site daily and often wish that there was an "age" field included near the bio. Another site puts the age next to the stats, and that is very helpful. -- Kevin H.

Point taken, although the date of birth is listed for every single player.

I was just browsing on the Internet looking for baseball sites that can lead me to some type of program or team or league that can help my son develop better techniques in baseball and help him develop professionally in baseball. My son is 15 years old, and I want to develop him into a "pro" and don't know where to go or where to take him so someone with all that knowledge and skill in professional baseball can help him develop so he can become a professional baseball player. His dream has always been becoming an MLB player. My son and I live in Orlando, Fla. Any help will be highly appreciated. -- Carmen E.

We can't officially recommend one or the other, nor are we affiliated with any of types of baseball camps, but we'd suggest looking online for local baseball instruction clinics or camps in the Orlando area. Any youth, travel or high school teams would be the ideal place to start. Your son's school coaches would be able to instruct and advise on the next step as well. Many times, current Minor Leaguers and retired professional players offer instruction for players, especially over the winter during their offseason. Good luck!

I know there is an iPhone MiLB app, any plans to make it available on other mobile devices like Android or BlackBerry? -- Eric P.

You can get much of the app's news and stats available on any web-enabled mobile device by visiting our mobile site,

I am doing some research for a children's book and I hope you can help me. Have Minor League team games ever been played in Yankee Stadium? The era in question would be from about 1980 to 1990. -- Linda S.

A great question -- we don't think so, but the Yankees would probably know about this better than we would. Yankee Stadium obviously had a lot of history in hosting events beyond Yankees games, from the Pope to Madonna, a memorial in the wake of Sept. 11, NFL games and the bitter Army-Notre Dame college football rivalry. As far as non-Major League games, the old Yankee Stadium did host Negro League games for many years beginning in 1930 and going through World War II, until 1947. Yankees historian Tony Morante runs tours at the stadium and would be a good person to ask about any Minor League games.

I miss your map of all the teams! I used it a few years ago to plan a "baseball trip," and was going to again this year. When will it be back up? -- Leslie S.

We get this same question every month. The map is still available, we never removed it. Perhaps check your ad-block software, which may unwittingly have blocked that map.

I'm a fine art painter and I recently completed a series of oil paintings based on 1910 Pacific Coast League baseball cards. They are oil on gesso board and each measures two-feet by four-feet. I've done five so far. They're pictured here at a restaurant. As you can see, they're quite arresting. -- Rick M.

Cool, thanks for sharing, nice work!

I downloaded the iPhone MiLB app. It seems it did not cover any LMB games in 2011, only Pacific Coast and International League teams, leagues and games. Are you planning to add LMB games to the MiLB app in 2012? The scoreboard section on has a complete section devoted to LMB. Do you have Gameday play-by-play live stats planned for 2012 LMB? Many thanks in advance. I am truly impressed by the resources and information available in -- Alfredo

There are no plans currently to add the Mexican League to the Triple-A app, although you can find the same scores and stats available on's mobile website ( The Mexican League already offers Gameday for its games.

There have been dozens of players signed to Minor League contracts in the offseason, yet I have seen very few listed in your transactions. Fox and Yahoo! Sports seem to have more current info in this regard than, the so-called "official" website of MiLB. What gives?? -- Mike W.

Why are the vast majority of transactions not reflected on the affiliate roster pages and the league transaction pages at all offseason? Could you provide the link to the super-secret feed from that provides the good folks at Baseball America with this information, or do folks need to offer up their first-born (kidding) to have first-hand access to the data? -- Jim G.

It's not super-secret, it's on Transactions on are sorted by league, and since most, if not all of these players have yet to be assigned to a Minor League affiliate, they probably won't yet appear on those league lists. Makes sense, right? They're not on a Minor League roster yet. We'd suggest checking out the transactions list on You'll notice, for example, a lot of Yankees' Minor Leaguers were assigned to "the New York Yankees" rather than any of their affiliates; those moves in-season will appear on Please hold onto your first-born.

I was just browsing the Texas League site and stumbled onto the "Incredible Performances" page. I was shocked not to find Dave Wilhelmi's perfect game on May 4, 1983, against the Arkansas Travelers. There are so few perfect games thrown at any level, and that team had future Major Leaguers, making it a truly incredible performance. I was there and can tell you it was a night I will never forget. I was a pitcher on that Shreveport Captain team and was "charting" for a start. Why isn't that game worthy of mention in the "Incredible Performance" page? -- Kevin M.

Another great question, one which would be best posed to the Texas League.

My name is Christopher and I was drafted in 2008 by the Toronto Blue Jays. I was released by the team due to my numbers not being there. I had to come home. At that time, I was told by my wife to make a choice between her or ball. If ball was my choice, then my wife would divorce me. Well, I came home and lost my chance at my dreams for myself and my family. My wife still divorced me. Now I have stayed without my family and my lifelong dream of going pro. My question is, how can I contact a scout or team to see if I can have a second chance? I have been working on my mechanics, throwing and working out. My fastball would hit and still does in the high 90s. Going pro was always my life since I played tee ball at 4 years old. If there is even a slight chance of contacting someone, e-mail information to me. -- Chris H.

Sorry to hear about your rough journey in and out of baseball. You should attend some tryouts, that's the easiest way to get in front of scouts and teams. We have a lot of information on this process on since we constantly get this question. You could also contact a sports management company or agent to help get you connected with teams. If you have any former teammates still playing, they could also advise on who to contact. has a tryout schedule available. It's typically updated closer to the season. The Tigers even post the tryout grades. Good luck, we hope everything works out!

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