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Minor League suspensions in 2012

Players who have violated Minor League drug program
March 15, 2012
Players who violate the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program are subject to suspensions from the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball. Players who test positive for a banned performance-enhancing substance or test positive twice for a drug of abuse can receive a 50-game suspension. Players who refuse to take a drug test may also be subject to disciplinary actions. In 2012, 105 players were suspended by MLB:

Minor League suspensions in 2012
Date Player name Pos. Substance Team
Jan. 5 Zech Zinicola RHP Drug of abuse Nationals
Jan. 9 Drew Stiner C Amphetamine Giants
Jan. 24 Steven Shell RHP Stanozolol Free agent
Jan. 24 Mike Hart RHP Drug of abuse Free agent
Jan. 25 Daryle Ward 1B Amphetamine Free agent
Jan. 25 Dustin Richardson LHP Amphetamine, Letrozole, Methandienone, Methenelone, Trenbolone Free agent
Jan. 25 Smaily Borges OF Refused to take drug test Free agent
Jan. 25 Chaz Roe RHP Amphetamine Free agent
Jan. 31 Daniel Reynolds RHP Drug of abuse Angels
Feb. 6 Christian Carmichael C Methylhexaneamine Mariners
Feb. 8 Rolman Candelario RHP Stanozolol Free agent
Feb. 9 Dock Doyle C Drug of abuse Mets
Feb. 9 Scott Moviel RHP Drug of abuse Mets
Feb. 17 Ricard Estevez RHP Stanozolol, Nandrolone Cubs
Feb. 17 Jorge Navarrete LHP Refused to take drug test Free agent
Feb. 21 Joe Torres LHP Amphetamine Rockies
Feb. 29 Justin Dowdy LHP Refused to take drug test Free agent
March 6 Erick Hurtado LHP Stanozolol Free agent
March 9 Mitchell Taylor LHP Drug of abuse Blue Jays
March 9 Matt Rusch LHP Drug of abuse Free agent
March 12 Jason Pridie OF Drug of abuse Athletics
March 13 Ezequiel Zarzuela RHP Stanozolol Twins
March 13 Yeison Florentino RHP Nandrolone Twins
March 15 Angel Heredia RHP Stanozolol, Boldenone Astros
March 27 Cody Stanley C Methylhexaneamine, Tamoxifen Cardinals
March 27 Aaron Thompson LHP Drug of abuse Twins
March 28 Jose Torres SS Dehydroepiandrosterone Free agent
March 30 Lary Vasquez LHP Stanozolol Free agent
April 4 Brian Ward C Drug of abuse Orioles
April 13 Max St. Pierre C Drug of abuse Free agent
April 16 Estarlin Arias RHP Boldednone Free agent
April 17 Michael Ohlman C Drug of abuse Orioles
April 19 Jaime Ortiz 1B Stanozolol Marlins
April 19 Jose Pasen RHP Nandrolone Cardinals
April 20 Angel Guzman RHP Drug of abuse Dodgers
April 26 Andre Rienzo RHP Stanozolol White Sox
April 26 Harold Guerrero RHP Stanozolol Indians
May 1 Tim Beckham SS Drug of abuse Rays
May 2 Dewin Silverio RHP Stanozolol Free agent
May 4 Matt Price RHP Drug of abuse Red Sox
May 18 Daniel Muno SS Drostanolone Mets
May 18 Luis Rojas RHP Stanozolol Giants
May 30 Jose Morel RHP Stanozolol Free agent
June 1 Clayton Ehlert RHP Drug of abuse Retired (CLE)
June 4 Francisco Guzman* LHP Non-detailed violation D-backs
June 5 Carlos Best* RHP Non-detailed violation Phillies
June 7 Josh Wilkie RHP Drug of abuse Nationals
June 22 Marco Duarte RHP Amphetamine Red Sox
June 22 Luis Atilano RHP Drug of abuse Reds
June 25 Mike Swinson OF Methylhexanimine Cardinals
June 29 Jake Skole OF Amphetamine Rangers
July 12 Ranger Suarez RHP Stanozolol Phillies
July 12 Daniel Cordero RHP Stanozolol Free agent
July 18 Juancito De La Cruz RHP Stanozolol Cubs
July 18 Antonio Encarnacion RHP Stanozolol Cubs
July 30 Diory Paulino SS Boldenone Free agent
Aug. 1 Starlyn Suriel RHP Stanozolol Free agent
Aug. 6 Juan Nivar RHP Boldenone Indians
Aug. 8 Nicolas Debora RHP Stanozolol Mets
Aug. 8 Andin Diaz LHP Stanozolol Cubs
Aug. 8 Carlos Diaz LHP Stanozolol Yankees
Aug. 8 Jose Geraldo RHP Stanozolol Royals
Aug. 9 Bryan Berglund RHP Methylhexeanamine Free agent
Aug. 9 Matt Milroy RHP Methylhexeanamine Marlins
Aug. 9 Zack Dodson LHP Drug of abuse Pirates
Aug. 10 Gabriel Bermudez RHP Stanozolol Phillies
Aug. 10 Darrel Leiva RHP Stanozolol Braves
Aug. 13 Michael Quesada C Methylhexeanamine Twins
Aug. 13 John Eshleman SS Nandrolone Free agent
Aug. 16 Yeudis Penalo RHP Stanozolol Free agent
Aug. 16 Miguel Polanco LHP Stanozolol Free agent
Aug. 16 Vladimil Suero RHP Stanozolol Free agent
Aug. 17 Deshun Dixon OF Drug of abuse Rays
Aug. 17 Vince Payne Jr RHP Drug of abuse Free agent
Aug. 17 Michael Albaladejo C Methylhexeanamine Nationals
Aug. 23 Ryan Brett 2B Methamphetamine, Amphetamine Rays
Aug. 23 Charlie Cononie 2B Methamphetamine, Amphetamine Rays
Aug. 23 Justin Woodall 2B Methamphetamine, Amphetamine Rays
Aug. 24 David Pauley RHP Drug of abuse Mariners
Aug. 24 D.J. Driggers OF Drostanolone Tigers
Aug. 24 Carlos Gonzalez 2B Stanozolol White Sox
Aug. 28 Josh Sale OF Methamphetamine, Amphetamine Rays
Aug. 28 Marcus Stroman RHP Methylhexeanamine Blue Jays
Aug. 28 Mark Donato 1B Amphetamine Royals
Sept. 4 Ysmael Carmona* RHP Unknown violation Free agent
Sept. 4 Yancarlos Santiago* LHP Unknown violation Angels
Sept. 4 Kevin Grendell LHP Dehydroepiandrosterone Orioles
Sept. 5 Jose Brito RHP Stanozolol Blue Jays
Sept. 5 Hengelbert Rojas OF Stanozolol, Nandrolone Mets
Sept. 6 Leandro Rojas C Nandrolone Giants
Sept. 6 Alan Ahmady OF Drug of abuse Cardinals
Sept. 10 Niko Vasquez 3B Amphetamine Reds
Sept. 10 James Walczak RHP Amphetamine Reds
Sept. 10 Frank Diaz RHP Stanozolol Free agent
Sept. 17 Mitch Clarke RHP Drug of abuse Reds
Sept. 18 Brett Blaise LHP Amphetamine Rays
Oct. 2 Joey Gathright OF Amphetamine Free agent
Nov. 2 David Adams SS Amphetamine Orioles
Nov. 5 Jose Dominguez* RHP Undisclosed violation Dodgers
Nov. 5 Emerson Martinez RHP Stanozolol Free agent
Nov. 5 Luis Valenzuela SS Stanozolol Free agent
Nov. 12 Rafael Martinez RHP Refused to take drug test Free agent
Dec. 17 Cody Rogers OF Refused to take drug test Rays
Dec. 19 Kyle Pelchy RHP Refused to take drug test Free agent
Dec. 21 William Bullock RHP Drug of abuse Braves
All suspensions are for 50 games unless noted.
* denotes 25-game suspension