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Player Poll: Dayton is the place to be

Minor Leaguers high on visiting Reds' Midwest League town
August 28, 2012
During Spring Training, we surveyed hundreds of Minor Leaguers on a variety of questions, from favorite players and postgame snacks to video games and dream teammates. Check back this season as we find out what prospects really think.

We surveyed 382 Minor Leaguers: What's your favorite Minor League town or city to visit on a road trip?

The results? The majority of players who responded went with Dayton, Ohio, home of the Dayton Dragons.

Why? Perhaps playing infront of big crowds at Fifth Third Field has a nice atmosphere, as the Dragons, Cincinnati's Class A affiliate, are known for their sell-out crowds and popular ballpark.

"We are very pleased to hear that the players that have had the chance to play here in Dayton have such great memories of their experiences at Fifth Third Field," the Dragons said in a statement. "Our front office has worked very hard to make sure that this is a great part of the professional baseball experience, not only for both our young Dragons but for the visiting team and the umpires as well."

Dayton is the sixth largest city in the state of Ohio and was recently listed among the best cities for college grads to find a job.

"This is also a great compliment to the people of the Dayton region," the team added. "We have undoubtedly the best sports fans in the nation, and they have helped us sell out Fifth Third Field for 13 consecutive seasons. These great people help make the Dragons game experience one of the best in the country. ... not only for our team but for everyone on the playing field."

Other Minor League towns in contention included Charleston, S.C., Fort Wayne, Ind., and Myrtle Beach, S.C. Of course, Myrtle Beach's picturesque beaches and fun town atmosphere became a plotline when fictional Minor Leaguer Kenny Powers took the mound at BB&T Coastal Field last season on HBO.

Here's the full breakdown on the votes:

Let's take a trip
Minor League players' favorite cities
City Votes Percentage
Dayton 31 9%
Charleston 26 8%
Fort Wayne 23 7%
Myrtle Beach 23 7%
Greensboro 19 6%
Greenville 18 5%
Missoula 11 3%
Las Vegas 10 3%
Staten Island 10 3%
Brooklyn 7 2%
Johnson City 7 2%
Lakewood 7 2%
Clearwater 6 2%
Frisco 6 2%
State College 6 2%
Other Fewer than 5 1%
Other cities receiving votes: Arkansas, Asheville, Bakersfield, Batavia, Billings, Boise, Bowling Green, Burlington, Chattanooga, Clinton, Columbus, Corpus Christi, Danville, Daytona, Durham, Fresno, Great Lakes, Greeneville, Gwinnett, Iowa, Jacksonville, Jupiter, Kannapolis, Kingsport, Lake County, Lake Elsinore, Lansing, Lexington, Lousville, Lowell, Mahoning Valley, Memphis, Modesto, Montana, Montgomery, Nashville, New Orleans, Northwest Arkansas, Ogden, Oklahoma City, Orem, Quad Cities, Rancho Cucamona, Reading, Reno, Rome, Round Rock, Salt Lake, San Jose, Savannah, South Bend, Spokane, Springfield St. Lucie, Tampa, Tennessee, Tri-City (NY), Tulsa, Vancouver, Vermont, Winston-Salem, Wisconsin.