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Virginia Eagle supports military families

The Pulaski Distributing company donates $1,000 to the Military Family Support Center
October 4, 2012
PULASKI, VA - The Pulaski Mariners are pleased to announce that Virginia Eagle Distributing has donated $1,000 to the Military Family Support Center of Salem, Virginia. Both organizations have partnered with the Mariners during the 2012 season.

The donation was a result of the Mariners Homerun Promotion, in which Virginia Eagle and Budweiser made a donation of $50 for each homerun hit by the Mariners at Calfee Park. The 2012 Mariners hit a combined 17 homeruns during the season to reach an $850 total, and Virginia Eagle donated an extra $150 for a grand total of $1,000.

The Military Family Support Center is located in Salem, Virginia, and focuses on the welfare and needs of military families of service men and women. They provide goods, information, and socialization for military families of active and reserved service men and women in the area. For more information on how to help, see the Military Family Support Center's website at

For any questions, please contact the ballpark at 540-980-1070 or email the Mariners at [email protected]