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Minor League suspensions in 2013

Players who have violated Minor League drug program
March 5, 2013

Players who violate the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program are subject to suspensions from the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball. Players who test positive for a banned performance-enhancing substance or test positive twice for a drug of abuse can receive a 50-game suspension. Players who refuse to take a drug test may also be subject to disciplinary actions. In 2013, 60 players were suspended by MLB:

Date Player Name Pos Substance/Violation Affiliate
Jan. 9 Jonathen Singleton 1B Drug of abuse Astros
Jan. 14 Bryan Henry C Methylhexaneamine Free agent
Jan. 14 David Wendt C Methylhexaneamine Rays
Jan. 16 Alan Farina RHP Drug of abuse Blue Jays
Jan. 18 Gary Daley Jr. RHP Methylphenidate Athletics
Jan. 18 Austin Gallagher 1B Methylhexaneamine Free agent
Feb. 25 Mark Hamburger RHP Drug of abuse Free agent
Mar. 5 Kolby Copeland OF Refused to take drug test Marlins
Mar. 15 Cesar Carrillo ** RHP Undisclosed violation Tigers
April 5 Carlos Ramirez C Second violation Angels
April 5 Vaughn Covington RHP Second violation Reds
April 6 Daniel McCutchen RHP Methenolone, Trenbolone Orioles
April 9 Pedro Silverio RHP Stanozolol Cubs
April 17 Miguel Pena LHP Second violation Red Sox
April 17 Gerson Bautista RHP Stanozolol Red Sox
April 23 Christian Montgomery RHP Second violation Mets
April 26 Jose Disla RHP Stanozolol, Nandrolone Rays
April 30 Brandon Brown 3B Stanozolol Free agent
May 8 Daniel Tuttle ** RHP Drug of abuse (3rd) Reds
May 16 Juan Arias RHP Stanozolol Marlins
May 21 Alan Williams LHP Drug of abuse Brewers
May 22 Angel Yepez RHP Nandrolone Rays
May 31 C.J. Retherford 3B Amphetamine Free agent
May 31 Ryan Acosta RHP Amphetamine Free agent
June 25 Mike O'Connor LHP Trenbolone Free agent
June 28 Dillon Howard RHP Amphetamine Indians
July 12 Paul Davis RHP Second violation Giants
July 12 Estarlin Morel * RHP Undisclosed violation Mets
July 23 Mark Thomas C Drug of abuse Rays
July 24 Anderson Severino LHP Stanozolol Yankees
July 24 Rubiel Martinez SS Stanozolol Indians
July 25 Eric Smith RHP Drug of abuse D-backs
July 25 Delvin Hiciano RHP Stanozolol Pirates
July 26 Yoel Noel OF Nandrolone Reds
July 26 Humberto Carpio RHP Stanozolol Braves
July 29 Brian Van Kirk OF Drug of abuse Blue Jays
July 31 Juan Alcantara RHP Stanozolol Tigers
Aug. 5 Will West LHP Drug of abuse Brewers
Aug. 22 Yoenny Gonzalez OF Undisclosed violation Cardinals
Aug. 23 Pedro Rodriguez RHP Stanozolol White Sox
Aug. 23 Angel Montilla OF Nandrolone Angels
Aug. 26 Brandon Bayardi OF Methylhexaneamine Angels
Aug. 26 Sean Ochinko C Amphetamine Blue Jays
Aug. 26 Chase Huchingson LHP Drug of abuse Mets
Aug. 29 Nick Parent C Stanozolol White Sox
Aug. 29 Gustavo Armas RHP Nandrolone Phillies
Aug. 29 Moises Bello SS Boldenone Tigers
Aug. 30 Jose Fernandez SS Amphetamine Astros
Aug. 30 Michael Martinez 1B Amphetamine Astros
Aug. 30 D'Andre Toney OF Amphetamine Astros
Sept. 4 Brett Wiley 2B Amphetamine Cardinals
Sept. 17 Forrest Snow RHP Drug of abuse Mariners
Sept. 20 Dallas Gallant RHP Amphetamine Twins
Sept. 24 Nathanael Javier 3B Stanozolol Giants
Oct. 2 Dylan Brock RHP Clomiphene Brewers
Oct. 4 Robert Ramirez 2B Nandrolone Reds
Oct. 18 Taylor Guerreri RHP Drug of abuse Rays
Nov. 1 Elliot Soto SS Drug of abuse Cubs
Nov. 1 Nick Blount RHP Amphetamine White Sox
Dec. 4 Ryan Baker C Refused to take drug test Yankees
All suspensions are for 50 games unless noted. Biogenesis-related suspensions are not included as they were in violation of Major League Baseball's Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program.* denotes 25-game suspension
** denotes 100-game suspension
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