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Scorpions' Vaughn stung by scorpion?

Agent mistakenly reports Mets prospect 'mauled' by a creature
October 23, 2013

It was just too outlandish to not be believed. Scottsdale Scorpions outfielder Cory Vaughn was stung by a scorpion.

On Wednesday night, Vaughn's agent from the Northwest Sports Management Group Tweeted that the Mets outfield prospect had been "mauled" by such a creature, including a gruesome photo of the sting.

But it turned out that Vaughn had just run into a wall a couple days earlier, and that massive bruise was the result.

"It bruised up pretty crazy looking, so I took a Twitter pic and showed my followers what it looked like," he said. "My agent texted me asking why I didn't play. And {we] have a pretty good relationship, so I texted him back and sent him a pic of my bruise and told him I was stung by a scorpion.

"I had no idea he took me seriously and didn't know he was going to Tweet that."

After a strong summer with Double-A Binghamton, Vaughn headed to the Arizona Fall League. He has played in nine games for the Scorpions this fall, hitting .237 with a homer, two triples and a .731 OPS.

He last played Tuesday night in Scottsdale's 5-1 win over Glendale.

"Wednesdays are my off days here in Arizona, so that is why I didn't play," Vaughn said. "Knee is fine, with no problems at all."

Jake Seiner is a contributor to Follow him on Twitter at @Jake_Seiner.