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Zephyrs Unveil Third Logo In Team History

Zephyrs introduce new look, including "Fleur de Z" logo and color change
October 13, 2009
In a press conference held Tuesday at Fox and Hound in Elmwood, the New Orleans Zephyrs unveiled a new look, featuring the team's first logo change in six years and an alteration to the color scheme.

The old logo, of mascot Boudreaux taking a bite out of the "Zephyrs" script, has been replaced by the "Fleur de Z" logo, with a baseball bat as the centerpiece and the new "Zephyrs" script across the middle.

"The fleur de lis is known nationwide as the symbol of New Orleans, and by incorporating it into our logo, we are emphasizing, again, how proud we are to call New Orleans home," said Jessica De Oro, Zephyrs Director of Promotions and Merchandise. "No matter where we play, people will know that we are from New Orleans."

Additionally, the Zephyrs have introduced metallic silver into the color scheme for the first time, taking the place of the hunter green that has traditionally been used. Navy blue will remain the Zephyrs' primary color.

"New Orleans is known for its opulence, with Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest, to name a few, and we felt silver was an appropriate representation of that," said De Oro.

The Zephyrs will also don new white home jerseys in 2010, with the new "Zephyrs" script in navy blue with metallic silver outline across the front, navy trim on the front placket, and the new logo on the sleeve. The road jerseys will remain the navy tops with "NOLA" across the chest.

After re-introducing the "Z" on the hats in 2009, a new white "Z" with silver trim will remain on the navy blue hats worn at home in 2010. On the road, the hats will feature an interlocking "NOZ," while the batting practice hats will be gray with the "Fleur de Z" logo.

The new logo will be phased in over the coming weeks and months.

The Zephyrs will open their 18th season in the Crescent City on Thursday, April 8, 2010 against the Round Rock Express. For more information, contact the Zephyrs at (504) 734-5155.