Getting To Know Assistant Clubhouse Manager Thomas Miller

June 21, 2010 9:05 AM ET

Full Name: Thomas William Miller III

Position: Assistant Clubhouse Manager

Hometown: Livonia, Michigan

School: Central Methodist Eagles

Sunflower Seeds or Bubblegum: Ranch Sunflower Seeds

Favorite Movie: Death to Smoochy

Favorite Music: Keith Anderson

Favorite Cartoon As A Kid: ThunderCats

Favorite Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry's Stephen Colbert AmeriCone Dream

Favorite Actor: Brad Pitt

Favorite Restaurant: Gabby's Burgers & Fries

Favorite Candy Bar: Snickers

Person Who Taught Me The Most: JR Rinaldi, Mark Littell, and Eddie Sedar

Favorite Professional Athlete Growing Up: Edgar Martinez

Most Memorable Baseball Moment: Watching the filming of the Nutty Buddy

Best Dressing Teammate: Eric Farris

Most Intense Teammate: Zach Braddock

Funniest Teammate: Tim Dillard

Favorite MLB Team: Milwaukee Brewers

Favorite Subject in School: History

One Thing I Cannot Live Without: My iPod and Air

I Drive a: Nissan Xterra

Reading Material: Who's Your Caddy by Rick Reilly

My Hidden Talent is: I don't hide my talents.

I'm afraid of: Washers and Dryers breaking down

Favorite Superhero: Batman

Favorite TV Show: Bones

If I Wasn't Playing Baseball a Clubbie , I would be a: 3rd Grade Teacher

Favorite Nintendo Game: Blades of Steel

My Favorite City To Travel To: Helena, Montana

Favorite School Lunch: Chicken Patty at Hallsville High School. And special thanks to Bertha Brekke for letting my account go negative and still get lunch!

Favorite Animal: Bison

If I Could Face any Pitcher, it would be: Chris Bosio

My Welcome to Professional Baseball Moment was: Unpacking Laynce Nix's bag with 30 pairs of batting gloves in it.

If I Could Be Anyone Else In The World For One Day, It Would Be: Brendan Katin

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