Johan Santana's Post-Game Comments

Ace Left-Hander Leaves Open a Possible Return to Savannah

What did Johan Santana think about his performance in Savannah Friday? (Danny Wild (

September 9, 2011 10:48 PM ET

After his Friday night start in Savannah, Mets ace Johan Santana spent some time answering reporters questions. He called the conditions in Savannah perfect and even suggested that he might return to Savanna for another start if the Gnats advance to the SAL Championship Series.

On how he feels
I feel good. It's the first time I [went] out there back-to-back games after all the rehab and everything. I feel good. Everything's coming along. Still have some work to do. Overall, I feel like we're making progress, one start to another and that's what we're looking for.

On how his arm feels
It feels alright. We're in the routine where everything we do, we're keeping an eye on it. Every time that I go out there, I want to work on all of my pitches, and that's what I'm doing. I'm not limited on throwing all of my pitches and that's a good thing. The strength will come back as we pitch, as we throw, as we go out there and perform.

On his pitch location in his rehab start
I was trying to adjust to everything, the mound, the situation. I threw some pitches there that weren't close, but I was able to back it up and come back and make some adjustments and that's what pitching is all about. You gotta make adjustments as you go and realize what's going on. I was able to make those adjustments right away and get out of those situations.

On What's Next
Right now, we gonna be in a waiting mode - see what's going to happen in the minor leagues - this team, and over in Port St. Lucie and see if the schedule will allow me to pitch in another game. If it's not, the chance of throwing a simulated game is there. Right now, we gotta wait until tomorrow to see how it feels and go from there.

On whether the St. Lucie Mets are an option for his next start:
[St. Lucie began the best-of-five game Florida State League Championship Series Friday night with a 3-1 loss to the Daytona Cubs.]
Depends. As we go by the days and everything, if [St. Lucie] goes five games, what would have to happen is - they gotta get rained out, then I'll fill in, in one of those days or wait for this team - see if they to go to the second round and play maybe 15th or 16th of September...

On his strength and arsenal
I actually threw some sliders that had some good rotation and that's what you're looking for: to just let it go. And again, the more times you go out there, the more times you pitch, the stronger you're going to get. We are in a situation right now, where we are limited with games so we have to make some adjustments and have to throw some innings and that's what we're looking for.

On Friday's Pitch Limit
We were supposed to be up to 45 pitches or three innings, whatever happened first.

On the Mets as an option now
I'm in a rehab mode. I'm still not on a regular season mode. The next couple of days are gonna be important, once I throw my bullpen and see what they want me to do whether it's in the big leagues, in the minor leagues, in instructional leagues or whatever it is - we'll be ready for it as long as we find ways to perform and get strength back.

On getting back to the Mets this season
I would love to, but it's something that we have to wait and see. Whether I want to or not, we're not going to do it if we're not ready or if we don't feel like we can do it. We as a team are on the same page. If it happens, great. If it doesn't happen, as long as we get the work done, and go through the program, that's all we're looking for.

On going to a minor league team in the playoffs
The thing about it, I wasn't here in the regular season. These guys [the Gnats] have battled through the whole season to get to this point and you don't want to disappoint. You want to help in trying to win because that's what this game is all about. Every game when you're like this [in an elimination game] matters. I came in with the mentality of ... help and trying to shut those guys down. They scored one run but things happen. Overall, I felt good. I'm hoping these guys go all the way. It's good for the city, and it's good for those guys; they have battled the whole season, and they deserve it.

On pitching at Historic Grayson Stadium in Savannah
Coming in, I had a lot of expectation for myself, going back to the minor leagues and into a new ballpark - a lot of things in my head to put everything together. The fans are nice; they were great to me. The whole atmosphere, the weather was great, the whole conditions were perfect. Especially in this atmosphere, playoffs, is always good to pitch in a very meaningful game.

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