Mehring Monday: Under 90

Very little snow on the field with 87 days until Opening Day. Let's hope it stays that way. (Wisconsin Timber Rattlers)

By Chris Mehring / Wisconsin Timber Rattlers | January 9, 2012 7:10 AM ET

This is how it goes. Season ends. Decompress. Get a few things done. Enjoy the holidays. Get back and "WOW! We are under 90 days until Opening Day!"

It can be a little jarring. But, it is time to shift gears and start hitting deadlines for the start of another Timber Rattlers baseball season.

It was a little easier coming back to the ballpark after the holidays this time because - as you see in the picture up top - there is almost no snow on the field. Believe me, I'll take another 87 days of at least 46 degrees.

The first few tasks have been taken care of for the start of the season. I have ordered my scorebooks. Next up is ordering a few of the Baseball America publications.

The groundwork has been prepared for a few projects. One is the day-by-day history of the Timber Rattlers. The other is the countdown to opening day feature. Both will be appearing over on Rattler Radio.

Soon it will be time for writing some articles for PLAYBALL! and some of the releases to announce the promotions and various other events that the team has coming up for the season.

On top of that, I will need to fight the losing battle of keeping my radio booth here organized.

But that is minor to what everyone else at the stadium is doing to get ready for the season.

Fang's Reading Club is in full swing and soon the team mascot will be going out to make appearances at area schools.

Tickets and advertising signs have to be sold. Pocket schedules and publications need to be designed and printed. Videos need to be produced and shot.

In short, the stadium that you see in the picture up top may look quiet and empty, but it is most definitely not that way.

Also, all of the important stuff will be getting done by everyone else while I just come in and mess around on my computer and take pictures of the field to document whether there is snow on the field or not for the next three months.

The days will continue to get longer as the sunshine sticks around more, but the next 87 days will absolutely fly by as the Rattlers front office spend the time to get the ballpark ready for the team and for you.

Make your plans to get out here. We'll be ready.

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