Offseason Chat With Right-Handed Pitcher David Johnson

Appearing in the most games for the Sounds, reliever David Johnson went 2-2 with a 4.43 ERA and 66 strikeouts in 48 appearances, finishing with the third-highest K per 9.0 IP ratio (9.14) among PCL relievers in 2010. (L to R: David Johnson with former Sounds Mike Burns, Tom Reynolds, and Robert Hinton)

February 9, 2011 5:06 PM ET

Where do you live in the offseason and where do you call home?
I live in Manhattan Beach, California.. a small beach community about 10 miles south of Santa Monica. It's a huge beach volleyball town where the AVP tour has a tournament every summer.

What was the first thing you did when you got home following the season?
The first thing I did was go right to bed. I had a 32-hour drive home from Nashville. The second thing I did was check my fantasy football team because I missed the games while I was driving.

Were you able to take a non-baseball vacation?
I went to Las Vegas for a bachelor party and went to a ton of weddings.

How do you spend your offseason?
I went back to school at UCLA to finish up my final quarter. Other than that, I played golf, worked out, and helped coach at my high school (Mira Costa).

How good at golf are you?
Good enough to beat my dad. I don't keep a handicap, but I usually shoot in the low to mid 80's.

Did you return to Nashville at any point this offseason?
Yes, I came back a few times to visit my girlfriend. My favorite aspect was seeing the city in the fall and winter. Everything looks so different. Coming to Greer Stadium when it is covered in snow is pretty cool.

Considering your workload in 2010, how much baseball work did you do this offseason?
I took two months off of throwing to recover, but started my workouts and conditioning as soon as I got back home.

Do the Brewers have a workout regimen that you follow?
Yes, I follow their workout manual as a guideline throughout the offseason while including some of my own exercises too. The manual also includes a throwing program which gives structure of what days and how long to throw. I follow that pretty closely to know where I need to be at certain points of the offseason and when I show up for camp.

What are your goals and what are looking to improve in 2011?
My goal is to be as well prepared for the upcoming season as possible so if I get an opportunity, I am able to take advantage of it. I am looking to improve by using my changeup more often to get hitters off my breaking ball.

Where do you project yourself starting and finishing the season at?
In a perfect world, I would see myself starting in Nashville then getting an opportunity to prove myself in Milwaukee at some point during the season and staying there.

Did you keep in contact with any of your teammates?
Yes, I was the commissioner of the Nashville Sounds Fantasy Football League which included (in order of final standings):

  1. 1. Chase Wright
  2. 2. Eric Farris
  3. 3. Chris Smith
  4. 4. David Johnson
  5. 5. Anfernee Aloisi (Video Coordinator)
  6. 6. Chuck Lofgren
  7. 7. Mike Burns
  8. 8. Andrew Emmick (Strength Coach)
  9. 9. Joe Koshansky
  10. 10. Thomas Miller * (Assistant Clubhouse Manager)

It was great to keep in touch with everyone and we had a really competitive league.

Can you give a brief review of a movie you have seen lately?
I'm a little behind, but I'm a Netflix guy. I just saw Shutter Island, great flick! I enjoy watching movies that make you think and keep you guessing.

How did your UCLA Bruins do last season? Did they meet your expectations? Can you give a scouting report for 2011?
Don't get me started... I am a huge UCLA football fan because we don't have an NFL team in Los Angeles (what a joke). And no, they did not meet my expectations (4-8). But yes they will be better next year (8-4).

UCLA cleaned house this offseason by firing their Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow, Running Backs/Wide Receivers Coach, Defensive Coordinator, and the defensive line coach. Hopefully the new coaching staff can change the culture around the football team. UCLA was one of the most boring teams to watch in the country last year, unable to stretch the field on offense and playing an uninspiring 4-3 base defense without much blitzing.

UCLA has brought in three of the top 10 nationally ranked recruiting classes and the coaching staff has done nothing with it. It is my hope that the new staff can maximize the talent of these highly touted recruits and get us back to being a consistent top 25 team.

UCLA has interviewed Randy Shannon for their defensive coordinator position. Although he underachieved at Miami as a head coach, he was a great defensive coordinator from 2001-2006 (his defenses ranked in the top 10 nationally five times). Once UCLA gets the right coaching staff in place, the sky is the limit.

The so-called "savoir" of the program is the #3 ranked QB in the country and five-star recruit Brett Hundley. He is a dual threat guy who has a strong arm and the open field moves of a running back. I'm really excited about this kid and hope he gets a chance to start as a freshman, because the guys we rolled out there last season don't have his tools.

I predict a much improved season for the Bruins next year. You heard it here first... 8-4 with a win in the Holiday Bowl over Texas A&M.

What's the first thing Don Money is going to say when he sees you?
I'm staying away from this one.. haha!

* Thomas Miller also placed last in the Sounds' Front Office Fantasy Football League.

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