The Dell Diamond Water Reuse Plan Announced

Express Baseball to incorporate Round Rock's water reclamation system

April 11, 2012 11:36 AM ET


ROUND ROCK, Texas –Round Rock Express Baseball and The Dell Diamond will participate in the City of Round Rock’s water reclamation project – a water reuse system that allows the city to use treated wastewater for non-potable purposes, the Express and city announced Wednesday. The plan calls for all field and landscape watering at The Dell Diamond to use the newly installed line once functional.

“Using this reuse water at such places as The Dell Diamond for irrigation purposes will help the City to be able to meet the future water demands and growth of our community with their current water sources,” Round Rock Mayor Alan McGraw said. “This is a benefit to the City because it will help the City to continue to be able to provide water to the citizens of Round Rock at some of the lowest water rates in Central Texas since we know that if additional water sources are necessary for the City, they will be very expensive.”

Participation in the water reuse system means The Dell Diamond will not be impacted by city water restrictions, and Express Baseball’s cost for using the water will be approximately 25 percent lower.

“It is undoubtedly sensible for us to participate in the City of Round Rock’s water reclamation project,” Express founder and CEO Reid Ryan said. “Given the amount of water we use in and around The Dell Diamond over the course of the year – especially during the season, we want to do whatever we can to assist in the better use of water resources in the Round Rock community.”

In addition to field watering, reclaimed water will be used at The Dell Diamond for watering of all grounds outside the stadium. Details on the system used by the City of Round Rock and its effectiveness in achieving broad-use Tier 1 water can be found online at

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