The Interrogation Room: Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson makes a pitch during a 2011 Timber Rattlers game. (Ann Mollica/Wisconsin Timber Rattlers)

By Chris Mehring / Wisconsin Timber Rattlers | February 1, 2012 7:40 AM

Jimmy Nelson was the top pick of the Milwaukee Brewers in the 2010 draft. The former Alabama Crimson Tide pitcher had an up and down 2011 with the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. He steps into The Interrogation Room to talk about last season, getting ready for 2012, and, yes, a little Tebow.

The Interrogation Room: What was the most important thing that you learned from the 2011 season with the Timber Rattlers?

Jimmy Nelson: Mainly just learning how to pitch overall. I learned a lot on how to set up hitters and use all pitches in all counts. Also about the importance of playing the counts and getting ahead of the hitter. It helped me a lot not only mentally but also physically in developing all of my pitches.

TIR: What do you think went the best for you on field during last season?

JN: Definitely the adjustments that I made from the first to the second half. The first half was rough for me and I was still trying to work out some issues with my change up and command. But after a couple minor adjustments and learning from the outings in the first half I was able to have a much better second half which helped me grow as a baseball player.

TIR: What could have gone better for you last season?

JN: Getting off to a better start. It always feels good to string a few good outings together right out of the gate and get your confidence up. But it didn't happen that way for me last season and looking back at it I think it was for the better and like I said helped me to develop and grow not only as a pitcher but also as a person.

TIR: How have you been training for the 2012 season?

JN: I spent the fall training back in Tuscaloosa for a month or two, then was back home in Florida for the month of December and have been in Tomball, Texas training since January 3rd and am enjoying the workouts that we do here. I'm in the best shape that I have been in for the last few years and am looking forward to getting into spring training and the season. I will be here up until I have to report back for spring training on Feb. 11th.

TIR: Alabama won the national championship for college football. How did you watch the rematch with LSU?

JN: I watched the first half at a restaurant with my roommates here in College Station, Texas and watched the 2nd half back at our apartment.

TIR: Your dad played football and ran track at Florida. Did he get caught up in the Tim Tebow hype during the NFL season?

JN: He's always been a big Florida fan and has liked Tebow since day 1 at Florida so, yes, he did [get caught up] but I wouldn't consider him a bandwagoner by any means.

TIR: How sharp is your poker game heading into spring training?

JN: I actually have not played at all this offseason. I'm trying to stay out of it while I'm ahead.

We want to thank Jimmy Nelson for joining us in The Interrogation Room this week. We wish him good luck in 2012.

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