The Interrogation Room: Kyle Heckathorn

Kyle Heckathorn in action on the 2010 Star Wars Night for the Timber Rattlers. (Wisconsin Timber Rattlers/Patrick S. Blood)

By Chris Mehring / Wisconsin Timber Rattlers | February 23, 2011 6:23 AM ET

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The Interrogation Room: What was your best game with the Timber Rattlers in 2010?

Kyle Heckathorn: My best game would have to be against Lake County

TIR: What makes the Lake County game stand out for you?

KH: Lake County was the best game I had this year in both leagues. I had great command and threw my first complete game. It was one of the days whens everything was working together, which doesn't happen everyday so when they do you take advantage of the moment, which turned out well for me that day.

TIR: How would you rate your progress from your first appearance with Wisconsin to your promotion to Brevard County?

KH: I progressed a great amount from my time in Wisconsin to Brevard in many ways. To my general understanding of pitching and learning how to prepare for starts. Also learning how to handle certain situations. 

TIR: What kind of different situations are you learning how to handle?

KH: Just with the fans and the pace of the game. How to react when you dont have your best stuff, but you still have to compete and give you team a chance to win.

TIR: What did you think of your experience in the Florida State League?

KH: I enjoyed my time in the Florida State League. The bus travel was better, but the fans were amazing in Wisconsin which we did not get in Florida. 
TIR: After the season there have been a lot of prospect rankings by a lot of websites, magazines, and writers.  Do you pay any attention to those lists?

KH: I try not to pay any attention to those, though I do hear from word of mouth from fans and family about them. 

TIR: The Brewers made a lot of moves in the offseason to pick up Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum.

KH: Picking up those aces is a great pick up for the brewers and I'm very excited to see what the 2011 season has in store for the brewers.

TIR: You attended Brewers On-Deck in Milwaukee at the end of January.  Could you tell us a little about that day?

KH: That event was a great experience. The Brewers has hands down the best fan base and shows by the attendance of these events. I was shocked of how many fans came up to me that said they saw me pitch in Appleton and how supportive they were of me. I was very honored to be a part of it and hope to be in the future.

TIR: What was your highlight of Brewers On-Deck?

KH: The best part was getting to spend time with the big league guys and get to know them better and the trivia game I played against Marcum, Greinke, Gallardo and Braun. 

TIR: How have you prepared for the 2011 season?

KH: I have prepared for this season same as last season. I have attended the Brewer Winter Program which is for players to come early and get ready for the upcoming season. Besides that I followed a set of workouts that the brewers provided for me.

TIR: Would you let fans know what the off season workouts you got from the Brewers were like?

KH: The workouts were pretty tough. They give us a program to follow with lots of cardio and different types of workouts that lead up to spring training so when you report your right on track with everyone else

TIR: What is the part of your game that you have improved on the most?

KH: The biggest part of my game that I focused on most was command of my 3rd pitch. To continue to be a starter at the higher levels and big leagues I'm gonna have to be able to command a 3rd pitch. 

TIR: Any thoughts in closing?

KH: I have been told before that I would make a great closer and I wouldn't mind doing it, but I enjoy starting and hope that's my future. 

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