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Fan voting for the 2018 MiLBYs has ended. View the fan and staff selections for all 13 categories, including voting percentages for each nominee and features on the winners, as they're revealed from Oct. 25-Nov. 2.

Best Blooper

The most unexpected -- and potentially humorous -- part of the game.
Stepping to the plate with the bases loaded, two outs and his Wisconsin club facing a two-run deficit, Nic Pierre promptly struck out. Moments later, he was taking part in a wild victory celebration after a play that can best be described as MiLBY-worthy. Full story »
Rattlers win on three-run strikeout

Bottom of the ninth, bases loaded with two outs and the hero ... strikes out? Nic Pierre whiffed on an 0-2 pitch, but his Timber Rattlers still won the game. How? On a wild pitch and then an even wilder throwing error.

Miss Lou Lou Gehrig tries to take bat

Bat dog Miss Lou Lou Gehrig is trained to take bats of Greensboro players once they drop the wood and head to first. But canine confusion and subsequent silliness ensued when Jhonny Santos thought he walked and then heard the strike call.

Correa's fiancée catches his foul ball

Carlos Correa famously popped the question to fiancée Daniella Rodriguez at last year's World Series. And during a rehab game with Corpus Christi this season, he popped a foul ball to her. Correa joked after the game, he was 'totally trying to hit it to her.'

Legends' Hicklen leaps over catcher

Brewer Hicklen was among the Royals' top home run hitters in the Minors this season. But in one game with Lexington, the slugger found a more creative way to score with a 70-grade leap. He didn't stick the landing, but he did tag home.

Young Jr. avoids tag running backward

Just because Eric Young Jr. knocked a playable ground ball to first baseman Gordon Beckham, that did not mean he would be retired quietly. The Salt Lake batter decided if he couldn't get to first safely, he might as well run the only other direction within the base paths he could.

Chiefs' Cruz cradles bird on field

While walking off the mound, an out shy of qualifying for the win, Jesus Cruz picked up a save as a bird flew into him. After the feathery friend fell to the ground, the animal-loving pitcher picked it up, cradled the bird and then placed it on his head.

Snake takes turn delaying Missions game

Following a cat delay with two outs in the eighth inning of a Frisco-San Antonio game, a snake worked its way onto the same field in the same part of the frame a day later. And the reptile did not make its capture easy for the grounds crew either.

Bisons' Alford tumbles toward home

Many know what it's like to be almost there and trip at the finish line. Anthony Alford knows this well, but he didn't let it stop him from scoring. The out-of-breath Buffalo runner crawled and stretched his way to make sure he eventually tagged the plate.

Skunk on the field!

Some players feel like they really stink during a tough stretch. But then you have this defensive replacement in the Tacoma-Reno game. After racing across the field, the 'rally skunk' -- as the PA announcer dubbed him -- escorted himself off the field by digging a hole under the fence.

Foul ball re-enters field, finds ump

Before games, fans are always warned about balls from the field entering the stands. But what happens when the ball returns to the field? Just ask this umpire at a Portland game. But don't worry fans of officials, 'Blue' was able to laugh it off afterward.