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Promote Your Organization

The Braves are eager to help your team or organization rase funds! In a few short weeks, you can easily earn over $7,500 for you group. The only startup fee is the minimum cost to print vouchers, so why not start today?

Fundraisers may be booked any nights except July 3/4. You'll sell Field Level vouchers for $9 each and then pay us the discounted price of $4.50 each, or you can sell Dugout Level vouchers for $14 and pay us the discounted price of $7. You only pay us for the vouchers redeemed at the Box Office. You aren't charged for any vouchers that aren't redeemed. 

Vouchers must be redeemed for a regular ticket at the Trustmark Park Box Office during regular hours in order to gain entry to the game. Your group is responsible for printing your vouchers after it's approved by the M-Braves. All vouchers must be numbered. There's only one fundraiser group per night, so be sure to book your early!