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PaddleHeads Ask For Community Support

After 21 seasons of professional baseball in Missoula, the future of the franchise is at risk


The MLB is in the midst of a difficult negotiation with Minor League Baseball (MiLB) to renew their Professional Baseball Agreement which had been the foundation of their relationship for the past thirty years. As part of that negotiation, teams like the PaddleHeads and our neighboring teams of the Pioneer League are on the chopping block for short-term financial gains at our communities' expense


The PaddleHeads' have launched a grassroots campaign asking for Missoula's support to save the PaddleHeads. Using the hashtag #SaveMyTeam, tell us about your favorite memories on field, in the stands, and share it far and wide! Post your comments and memories on social media (either in our comment section, or by tagging us!), and make sure to use #SaveMyTeam. Tell your neighbors, write your politicians, show MLB why small-town baseball matters.


It's of paramount importance that MLB understands how important this franchise is to our great community. So many Missoulians have been impacted by the game of baseball, by their time at the ballpark and the economic value PaddleHeads' baseball brings each season. And we want to hear about it!


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