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Since 1993, investing in the communities we serve is a key component of our mission, and has remained an important focus of our organization. Through our charitable investments and community involvement we strive to create public and private partnerships that share our goal of enriching our communities.

Areas of Interest

The New Orleans Baby Cakes give priority consideration for charitable grants to programs that:

  • Promote the positive development and self-esteem of children, youth and teens.
  • Promote education for low- and moderate-income families.
  • Promote physical activity, health and nutrition, especially among children.
  • Provide support for the hungry and homeless.

Priority Areas

Funding priority is given to those projects which:

  • Positively impact low- and moderate-income populations.
  • Support grassroots baseball efforts.
  • Support health and fitness efforts.
  • Directly affect the people served.
  • Are multi-cultural.
  • Show a high likelihood of success and potential to be replicated.
  • Are focused on long-range solutions to broad-based urban issues, including community development or redevelopment activities.

Giving Restrictions

Due to the large number of requests we receive, we unfortunately cannot support every worthwhile project that seeks a donation. Therefore, to assist in determining if it is appropriate to submit a proposal for a charitable donation, you should know that The New Orleans Baby Cakes will not make donations to either the following applicants or for the purposes listed below:

  • Individuals
  • Colleges and Universities (non capitol campaigns)
  • Fraternal or political organizations
  • Trips, tours, transportation costs, seminars and conferences
  • Scientific and medical research
  • To cover operating deficits
  • Annual operating support
  • Endowments
  • Local Chapters of national health organizations

Requesting A Donation

Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing. All requests must be made in writing on official organization letterhead and mailed to the attention of Rachel Whitley. Requests made via fax or email will not be accepted. Donation Requests must be concise and contain the following:

  • Organization name, address and name of Executive Director
  • Contact person, title and phone number
  • Brief description of the organization's mission
  • Current list of Board of Directors
  • Geographic area and target population served
  • Brief description of the purpose for requested donation
  • Project budget (if applicable)
  • IRS letter confirming tax-exempt status, 501 (C) (3)
  • The application will not be processed until each of these items is submitted

Please be advised that we make every effort to assist as many organizations as possible in the communities that we serve. To accomplish this we ask that requests for donations, advertising, sponsorship, and grants be limited to a consecutive three-year period for each organization. After this three-year period, organizations are asked to suspend funding requests for at least one full calendar year before re-applying. Thank you.