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The Y-Files: Bears RHP Kable Hogben

An in-depth look at Yakima's carefree closer
July 26, 2010

For Kable Hogben, the Bears closer from down under, life is an endless summer.

After he's finished working his dream job on the mound, in the offseason he heads back to Australia to soak in the sun, surf, and attend music festivals with his friends.

"It's a pretty sweet life," Hogben says. "I can't complain."

In his homeland baseball takes a backseat to Australian football, cricket, and now even soccer. It was his father Trevor who taught him the game when Kable was a kid.

"He played baseball at the club level," Kable explains. "Also my mom was a pretty good softballer. But my dad likes to think I got the talent from him (laughs)."

As a youth Trevor would play cricket in the summer and baseball in the winter, and he passed the game down to Kable after learning it from his father.

"Growing up I was a huge Australian football fan, I loved to play it," Kable notes. "I do kind of miss it but [baseball] is definitely my dream job."

As for opposing hitters, the Aussie has made it a nightmare, posting a sub-1.00 ERA with four saves through the first half of Northwest League play.

The 20-year old has flourished in his role as the go-to guy with the game on the line, and has done so by taking a surprisingly simple approach.

"I try not to think at all," Kable reveals. "The more I think, the worse I get. I just try to have fun and whatever happens, happens. It's been working for me so far so I'm just going to keep it up."

For Bears fans and the Arizona Diamondbacks organization, that's all they can ask for from their carefree closer.

Favorite Movies: 'The Hangover' and 'Avatar'

Favorite Bands: Disturbed and Hilltop Hoods

Favorite Food: Meat pies, pasta, chicken parm

Favorite Player: Randy Johnson

Tip for young ballplayers: "Just go out there and have fun. Play as many different positions as you can."

If I wasn't a pro ballplayer I'd be: "A Carpenter or electrician, I like hands-on work."