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BayBears Announce "Golden Glovers" Program

February 22, 2012
The Mobile BayBears Professional Baseball Club announced today the "Golden Glover" program for our nation's "Greatest Generation"! Beginning the 2012 season, those over the age of 60 can apply to experience begin back on the field and enjoy our national pastime at Hank Aaron Stadium.

How the program will work is each BayBears home game, two "Golden Glovers" will report to the field and sign a one-day contract with the BayBears. Responsibilities will be to suit up in uniform and protest the foul lines. BayBears manager Turner Ward will provide key strategies in stopping foul balls down the lines and making sure the "Golden Glover" provide the foul balls to the kids in the stands.

Equipment includes:

BayBears Uniform

Baseball Glove

Batting Helmet

Locker Room Stool

The San Francisco Giants created this opportunity back in the 90s meant to bring community goodwill and ambassadorship to the team. The positions there are called "Ball Dudes and Dudettes". One sits down the first base line next to the dugout, the other on the third base side. Their mission: To retrieve the foul balls and give them to the children in the stands. They also hand out baseball cards and sign autographs. The fans have treated them almost better than the players. They want autographs, hugs, pictures and provide lots of compliments.

The BayBears look to develop this program similar to the Giants and believe it's a great way to engage great baseball fans to become great BayBears fans! The "Golden Glovers" will have the opportunity to invite their own rooting section to come cheer them on during games.

Once the "Golden Glover" have retired they will become a BayBears Golden Glove Ambassador and receive a season pass for all Sunday day games to come out and root on our hometown team helping spread the word of Go BayBears!

For more information regarding the BayBears "Golden Glovers" program and how to sign up contact the BayBears at 251.479.BEAR or log onto