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Drive Give Back Through United Way

September 24, 2012
The Drive's mission and goals go deeper than simply providing a postive entertainment experience. The Drive brand has been built around a commitment to being a part of the fabric of the community, and that community includes many individuals who rarely ever have the opportunity to enjoy the fun of a game at Fluor Field.

All around the ballpark and across Greenville, there are children and adults who face quality of life challenges as fundamental as having hte basic physical necessities and emotional support then need to even begin to enjoy life.

One very meaningful and important way that the Drive demonstrates our concern for our Community, beyond the fences of Fluor Field, is through the United Way. The United Way is a vital source of financial support for numerous charitable organizations who meet critical needs in the lives of people here in Greenville County, many of whom live right in our own neighborhood.

Once again, the Drive front office is participating in the United Way of Greenville County's fundraising campaign. Please watch the video below, and consider making a pledge to the United Way of Greenville County by clicking here.