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Voyagers Announce 2019 Coaching Staff

January 15, 2019

As baseball fans eagerly await the start of the 2019 season, the Voyagers look forward to welcoming back our Championship winning coaching staff.The Voyagers are excited to announce the return of Tim Esmay, the manager who led the Voyagers to their Pioneer League Championship victory this past season. There will

As baseball fans eagerly await the start of the 2019 season, the Voyagers look forward to welcoming back our Championship winning coaching staff.
The Voyagers are excited to announce the return of Tim Esmay, the manager who led the Voyagers to their Pioneer League Championship victory this past season. There will be a lot of familiar faces from our Championship winning team as John Ely  returns as the Pitching Coach, and Tyler Gniadek as the Strength and Conditioning Coach. The one new face in 2019 will be Hitting Coach Cameron Seitzer .
Esmay will be entering his fifth season in the Chicago White Sox organization. His first was as a manager for the Winston-Salem Dash in 2015. Prior to working for the Chicago White Sox, Esmay managed at Utah and Arizona State.
Ely is entering his third season in the White Sox organization and third with the Voyagers. Ely started his baseball career in Great Falls in 2007 after being selected in the third round of that year's draft. He pitched in 13 games and held a 6-1 record with a 3.86 ERA. He made his major league debut on April 28, 2010 with the Los Angeles Dodgers. His final year in the minors was in 2015.
Gniadek is also entering his third season in the White Sox system and third as conditioning coach with Great Falls. Prior to working with the Voyagers, Gniadek spent the 2016 season as the strength and conditioning coach with the Orem Owlz. Before that, he interned with the Colorado Rockies and Triple A sport consultants.
Hitting Coach Cameron Seitzer is entering his first year as a coach in the White Sox organization and Great Falls. In 2011 he was drafted as a first baseman by the Tampa Bay Rays. In 2016, he was signed by the White Sox and spent his 2018 season as a pitcher for the Winston-Salem Dash.
The Voyagers would also like to acknowledge some of our previous coaching staff members for their continued success in the White Sox organization: former Voyagers Manager and Hitting Coach, Charlie Poe; former Voyagers Hitting Coach, Justin Jirschele; former Voyagers Pitching Coach, Matt Zaleski; former Voyagers Manager, Ryan Newman; former Voyagers Manager, Cole Armstrong; and former Voyagers Hitting Coach, Gary Ward.
The following is a full list of all White Sox coaching changes for the 2019 season.
Director of Player Development: Chris Getzu5:p
Field Coordinator: Doug Sissonu5:p
Director of Minor League Pitching Instruction: Kirk Championu5:p
Assistant Pitching Coordinator: Everett Teafordu5:p
Assistant Pitching Coordinator: J.R. Perdewu5:p
Hitting Coordinator: Mike Gellingeru5:p
Hitting Analytics Instructor: Matt Lisleu5:p
Catching Coordinator: John Ortonu5:p
Outfield/Baserunning Coordinator: Aaron Rowandu5:p
Leadership and Development Coordinator: Ben Broussardu5:p
Strength and Conditioning Coordinator: Dale Torborgu5:p
Medical Coordinator: Scott Takaou5:p
Physical Therapist/Rehab Coordinator: Derek Garrisu5:p
Assistant, Player Development: Rafael Santana u5:p
Assistant, Player Development: Tommy Thompsonu5:p
Assistant, Player Development: Graham Harboeu5:p
Rehab Pitching Coach: Brian Drahmanu5:p
Education Coordinator: Erin Santanau5:p
Latin/Cultural Development Coordinator: Anthony Santiagou5:p
Facility Manager: Joe Lachciku5:p
Minor League Clubhouse and Equipment Manager: Dan Floodu5:p
Assistant Minor League Clubhouse Manager: Bryant Biasottiu5:p
Assistant, Player Development: Rod Larsonu5:p
Latin Education Assistant: Grant Flicku5:p
Manager: Mark Grudzielanek                         u5:p
Pitching Coach: Steve McCatty                                 u5:p
Hitting Coach: Frank Menechino u5:p
Coach: Guillermo Quiroz u5:p
Trainer: Josh Fallin                                       u5:p
Conditioning: Shawn Powell                                       u5:p
Manager: Omar Vizquel                                u5:p
Pitching Coach: Richard Dotson                                u5:p
Hitting Coach: Charlie Poeu5:p
Coach: Wes Helmsu5:p
Trainer: Corey Barton u5:p
Conditioning: Tim Rodmaker                    u5:p
Manager: Justin Jirscheleu5:p
Pitching Coach: Matt Zaleskiu5:p
Hitting Coach: Jamie Dismukeu5:p
Trainer: Hyeon Kimu5:p
Conditioning: George Timkeu5:p
Manager: Ryan Newmanu5:p
Pitching Coach: José Bautistau5:p
Hitting Coach: Cole Armstrongu5:p
Coach: Ryan Johansenu5:p
Trainer: Joe Gecku5:p
Conditioning: Goldy Simmonsu5:p
Manager: Tim Esmayu5:p
Pitching Coach: John Elyu5:p
Hitting Coach: Cam Seitzeru5:p
Trainer: TBDu5:p
Conditioning: Tyler Gniadeku5:p
Manager: Ever Magallanesu5:p
Pitching Coach: Felipe Lirau5:p
Hitting Coach: Gary Wardu5:p
Coach: Louis Silverio u5:p
Trainer: Scott Johnsonu5:p
Conditioning: Daniel Cobianu5:p
Field Coordinator: Guillermo Reyesu5:p
Complex Operations Coordinator: Manuel Santanau5:p
Assistant, Administration: Carolina Santosu5:p
Manager: Ángel Rosariou5:p
Pitching Coach: Leo Hernándezu5:p
Hitting Coach: Ángel Gonzálezu5:p
Assistant Pitching Coach: José Britou5:p
Assistant Hitting Coach: Charlie Romerou5:p
Outfield Coach: Julio Ramírezu5:p
Trainer: José Del Villaru5:p
Conditioning Coach: Pedro Gómezu5:p
Chicago White Sox Farm Director Chris Getz will be hosting a press conference for Chicago media members at 8am mountain time tomorrow. Anyone interested in dialing in can get that information by reaching out to Voyagers General Manager Scott Reasoner at [email protected].