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The Office Night

Creed Bratton – who played Creed on The Office – will be at Harbor Park on Wednesday, August 25th!

The Tides will celebrate all things The Office on August 25th when they host the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, with first pitch set for 7:05 pm. That evening, fans will have four different opportunities to meet Creed Bratton to get their photos taken, as explained below.

Ticket Options


There will be a special VIP Patio Party Planning Committee events, one from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm in suites PR 2 and PR 3 on the Press Level. The event will host 50 guests and will include a box seat ticket and all-you-can-eat food, including plenty of hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken tenders, potato salad and cookies. The all-you-can-eat food is available for a full hour during each event, from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

The actor will meet and greet the VIP guests during the VIP Party Planning Committee event which will include photo and autograph opportunities with the actor. While the suites will be available for Party Planning Committee guests to enjoy throughout the remainder of the evening, Party Planning Committee guests can also sit in their box seats throughout the game if they choose to do so. Each individual Party Planning Committee Package is $100.

If you purchase a VIP Patio Party Panning Committee ticket, your name will be entered in a drawing to win a photograph signed by Leslie David Baker, who played Stanley on The Office!


There will be an Express Photo Pass available that will move fans into a faster line to get their photos taken with the actor on the concourse. The Express Photo Pass will include a box seat ticket and a voucher for a special Office-Themed food item at the Wednesday, August 25th game. There is a limit of 50 Express Photo Passes available, with an individual Express Photo Pass available for $45. The special food item included for the night will be a Dirt Worm Ice Cream Sundae (Creed put us in touch with his worm guy).


Fans can pay $35 for a Photo Voucher Ticket that includes a box seat ticket and a guaranteed spot in line to get their photo taken with the actor. These Photo Voucher Tickets will be limited to 150 for the August 25th game, and must be purchased in advance.


Fans can pay $20 to get their photo taken with the actor at the August 25th game. The Harbor Park concourse is expected to be very busy this evening, and every effort will be made to get as many fans through the photo line as possible. However, the Tides cannot guarantee that every fan in attendance will get their photo taken with the actor. Fans will only be charged the $20 if they get their photo taken. Fans who chose this option for the August 25th game should arrive early and stop by the third base concourse to get a Photo Standby Voucher. The Photo Standby Voucher will feature a letter, i.e. D. This voucher is intended to prevent fans from having to wait in line. Once you receive your Photo Standby Voucher, you can enjoy the game, grab a hot dog and a beer, etc. When the letter on your voucher is called, you will report to the 3rd base concourse to begin the photo process.

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