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About the Northern Colorado Owlz

The Orem Owlz strive to reflect the values and strengths of the Utah Valley community. The Orem Owlz provide a fun, friendly and safe environment to enjoy professional baseball. As an organization, we aim to bring the best product, night in and night out, to the fans and light up the Orem sky with fun.

The Orem Owlz try to actively participate with local organizations, charities and foundations to give back to our community. We are honored to be involved with our community partners and thankful for all that they have provided us. We look forward to continuing to represent the City of Orem, Utah County and the Los Angeles Angels, but most importantly our fans, to the best of our ability every day.

Front Office Staff

The Orem Owlz ownership consists of:

  • Jeff & Jyll Katofsky
  • Harvey & Evie Katofsky
  • Steven & Karen Twersky
  • Brad & Susan Stone
  • Ken & Sheri Brozki
  • Mark & Debbie Polan
  • Brad & Stacy Kesner
  • John & Kathryn Marconi
  • Ted Joyce; Robyn Axelrod
  • Curt & Deanne Tucker
  • Jana Taylor

Jeff & Jyll Katofsky

Parents of two boys, Jeff and Jyll Katofsky are baseball nuts. Becoming part of the ownership group for the Orem Owlz is a dream come true for Jeff, Jyll, Jake and Casey. During the baseball season, you can usually find the Katofsky clan in the stadium, hooting and hollering for the boys in red. Near the Los Angeles area, Jeff has coached over 75 youth baseball and girls softball teams and has been a volunteer board member of his local little league for over two decades. Jyll attends over 150 baseball games a year. A graduate of UCLA and Boalt Hall School of Law (Cal- Berkeley), Jeff is now a real estate developer and syndicator. Also a graduate of UCLA, Jyll has a master's degree in organizational pyschology and a doctorate degree in process.

Harvey Katofsky

Harvey Katofsky, the father of Jeff Katofsky, was the catalyst for Jeff becoming a baseball nut. Harvey introduced baseball to his son at a very young age. Jeff excelled in sports and was on baseball teams throughout his school years. Harvey showed his support by coaching the teams and when not coaching, he was the parent you could always count on. He would come to all the games and help with fund raising.

Professionally, Harvey started his career as a pharmacist. He owned and operated over a dozen pharmacies. After selling the pharmacies, he bought a real estate franchise, Fred Sands Desert Realty, which he expanded to 5 locations. Fred Sands Desert Realty was acquired by Coldwell Banker in 2004. Harvey served as a Senior Vice President, COO for a division of Coldwell Banker. Currently, Katofsky is a highly respected leader in the real estate industry and is the Founder, President and CEO of HK Lane.

Steve Twersky

A baseball fan for close to 50 years, Steve Twersky still plays weekend warrior softball to this day, when he is not coaching his youngest of 3 children in little league. Having an ownership interest in a professional baseball team was always a goal and he is thankful for the opportunity to be involved with a class organization like the Owlz. Having earned his undergraduate degree in business from California State University at Northridge and a Masters Degree in Taxation from Golden Gate University, Steve is a CPA and business manager who handles the financial affairs of entertainment industry clients and athletes.

Brad Stone

Brad Stone has baseball in his blood. In addition to his affiliation with the Orem Owlz, Brad is the manager and a key player on his local softball team. Brad has also passed his baseball addiction on to his daughter Samantha, a young softball player, and his son Max, a high school baseball star in the making. A graduate of the University of Arizona where he earned degrees in both Real Estate and Finance, Brad co-founded Stone-Miller, a leading commercial real estate firm in Southern California. Brad currently resides in Encino, California and looks forward to a bright future with the Orem Owlz.

Robyn Axelrod

Robyn is the sister of Jeff and Alex Katofsky and daughter of Harvey Katofsky. She lives in Texas with her husband, children and dogs. Robyn has a Bachelor's in Sociology from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Master's in Human Resources from Suffolk University in Boston. Growing up Robyn developed a lifelong love of baseball, spending afternoons and weekends at Encino Little League. Robyn also played softball with Jeff as her coach. In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her kids, walking her dogs and horseback riding.