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The Official Site of the Palm Beach Cardinals Palm Beach Cardinals

 Our Team:


Mike Bauer- General Manager, Jupiter Stadium LTD. - 561- 630-1840 | [email protected]

Andrew Seymour- Director of Ticket Sales. - 561- 630-1855 | [email protected]

Pam Sartory- Director of Accounting- 561-630-1844 | [email protected]

Jordan Treadway- Director of Grounds and Maintenance |[email protected]

Jamie Toole- Director of Corporate Sales- 561-630-1848 | [email protected]

Lynn Besaw- Executive Assistant- 561-630-1850 |  [email protected]

Dianne Detling- Stadium Assistant, Front Desk- 561-775-1818 |[email protected]

Walter Herrera- Building Manager- 561-630-1852 | [email protected]

Kaitlyn Kilcoyne- Associate Ticket Office Manager- 561-630-1831 | [email protected]

Taryn Taylor- Merchandise Manager- 561-630-1845 | [email protected]

Sarah Campbell- Marketing and Promotions Manager- 561-630-1838 | [email protected]

Andrew Miller- Media Relations Coordinator- 561-799-1391 | [email protected] 

Dan Knapinski- Event Services Coordinator- 561-799-1389| [email protected]

Amanda Seimer- Senior Account Executive- 561-630-1819 | [email protected] 

Louis Reyes- Ticket Office Manager - 561-630-1853 | [email protected]

Regine Hill- Account Executive - 561-630-1857 | [email protected]