By Pawtucket Red Sox | September 4, 2017 10:48 PM ET

Thank you for a summer full of fun


It starts with grass and dirt and sun and sky.

Add some bats and balls and leather gloves.

Dress young men in reds, whites, and blues,

And celebrate those who have worn green fatigues.

Fund the college dreams of youngsters,

Help families facing battles,

And make the visits of little ones a dream come true.

Have them meet a host of superheroes,

As well as a pretty princess, a playful pirate, and pair of polar bears.

Add the aromas of summertime:

Popcorn, fresh roasted nuts, and hot dogs of every breed.

Fun nachos and a scoop or twist of ice cream as the cherry on top.

Then light up the sky in a musical magical marvel

And take the kids home, tuck them into bed, baseball by their side.


They know who the real superheroes are.


With twice as many sell outs as the year before,

With weekends full of life and color,

Little boys and little girls from 6 to 60 and 8 to 80

Infused Pawtucket with energy, vitality, and love.


From all of us with your PawSox,

Thank you for making the 2017 season so full of wonder, so full of memories, and so full of joy.


We're already counting the days 'til springtime.


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